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TLOU Sequels

At first I didn't want a sequel to TLOU as alot of games never live up to the first hand and they gradually get worse making your memory of the game poor, but then I realized Naughty Dog have never made poor sequels, they move on from strength to strength. So bring on TLOU 2
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Walking in the valley of the shadow

Guys what do you think about joel in part 2 cause till now there's nothing about him....
Well in my guess joel will die in the part 2 and then ellie will revenge for his death..hmm i don't know......that's just my theory even though i hope I'm wrong
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Injury Mechanic

Obviously everyone saw the part when Ellie took out the arrowhead stuck in her shoulder but did anyone wonder why ND implemented that mechanic in the game. I'm guessing that if you decide to not take out the arrow or you don't have enough time to do so, it'll throw off Ellie's aim, maybe the reticle would be larger or she'd be forced to aim with one hand making the gun sway more, can't use two-handed weapons(long guns) or maybe she wouldn't be able to pull off melee combos like we see in the start of the trailer. What are your thoughts?
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What’s your favorite outbreak day poster?

Switchblade, Hammer, or Guitar?
Mine is switchblade then guitar then hammer, but they are all good.
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Release date ?

Any new insights on realase date of Last Of Us 2 ? As of October 11, 2018
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Why is The Last Of Us such a good game???
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I’ve never done any multiplayer ever, never really liked it. Should I play the last of us multiplayer?
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The choice

After the barn house scene when Joel makes the choice to take Ellie himself instead of Tommy. many people think it was a fast decision however I think it wasn’t a choice it was more that before this point Joel still saw this as the mission Tess gave him. Joel is now doing this for Ellie.
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I’m super excited about part 2 it’s killing me inside UGhhhhhh
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I was just wondering, did we ever find out how the cordeceps actually started, a patient zero or anything to suggest how it starts? It's been a while since I've played through the game and can't remember if it says anywhere.
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Fireflies Corrupted?

This has probably been asked but is it possible the crazy cult in the trailers is just some twisted remnant of the fireflies Joel decimated in part 1?

Like maybe they’ve finally hunted down Ellie & Joel to Tommy’s town and killed a bunch of people (maybe even Joel), and that’s why Ellie’s on this huge rampage for revenge.

Wait, but the crazy cult was in the second trailer with Ellie’s mom (if that is her mom), so it existed alongside the fireflies and is a separate group than them?

I’m just excited to see what happened to the fireflies if they survived losing Marlene. It would be cool if they devolved into a cult.
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The easy way out

When I’m the hotel you see two people who killed themselves and Ellie says that they took the easy way out and Joel says that it’s not easy. Ellie says it’s the easy way out because she was meant to believe that when she first got bitten. Riley said option one we take the easy way out it’s quick and painless however Joel says it’s the hard way out because he’s probably struggled with it.
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Possible release date

Game stop has the release date as April 29th 2019. Just waiting for Naughty Dog to say something that’s when it’s official.
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Joel is Alive in tlou 2 ????
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Somebody give me an pass online , please
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I haven't actually seen anything but I've had a hand full of people tell me TLOU Part II release date will be soon. Did I miss something?
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Just askin'

Is there anyone else would like to share your idea about the game with us?
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Ellie's tattoo

I can't help notice there is alot of merchandise with Ellies tattoo on. Makes me think there is more to it or it symbolizes something much more in the game, other wise why else would naughty dog have so many posters, mugs, t shirts and more all with this tattoo on? The fireflies were a big part of the first game and likewise had alot of merchandise with the logo on. Any thoughts?
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