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Join firefly

Remember when your lost in the dark look for the light
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• 2d

At winter

I hate the winter time in tlou because R.I.P Callus
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• 2d

Did you know

Did you all know that Joel is a liar at the end pay attention to what they say through out the whole game and for th e big DID YOU KNOW you are able to punch a bloater if it does not break your jaw.
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• 4d

I just beat the game

I just beat the best game n the world it was lit but sad I don't want to wait for the tlou2 I rally want to play it now😭
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• 5d

Feelings for the game

Does anyone else have like real feelings for this game?lol I even almost cried when I beat the game for the first time bc I thought there was not going to b another one😂
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• 5d

2019 The Last Of Us 2

The Stanley parable sequel reveal, at the game award thing said TLoU2 is coming out next year!
The Last Of Us 2 Release Finally Confirmed for 2019! (Mothers Day Release Date Possible!)
The Last Of Us 2 Release Finally Confirmed for 2019! (Mothers Day Release Date Possible!) YouTube
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• 12/11/2018

Happens to bugs

Did u know that the fungus infection can happen to bugs but it's a little more different compared to TLOU.The bugs die from it and then mushrooms start coming out its brain
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• 12/10/2018


I'm about to beat the game again
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• 12/10/2018

Getting TLOU2 for my sister

I want to get the TLOU2 for my sister Maggie. Because me and her both loved the first one so much. We couldn’t wait for the TLOU2 to come out on PS4. Can’t wait to get it for her.
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• 12/10/2018

New game I think

I can't wait for the last of us 2
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• 12/9/2018


Does anybody have some wallpapers for cellphones of The Last Of Us 2 ?

Alguém tem alguns wallpapers pra celular de the last of us 2?
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• 12/8/2018


Can someone help me find a last of us code so I can play online
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• 12/7/2018

The cure

Will there be a cure I don't know put your comment down below and I'll see
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• 12/5/2018

Game awards 2018

I hope we see more of TLOU at this week's game awards, especially since Sony released a reaction video to the latest trailer. I want to see more or better yet a release date so I know when to book a week off work haha
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• 12/4/2018

World of TLOU

I was thinking It would be good to see how the rest of the world is dealing with the infection, if there is any countries that are battling to keep it away or islands like the UK, Cyprus, Gibraltar or Falklands that or still untouched.
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• 12/4/2018

Cody Faulkner

Dude please stop talking about Superman bro. Its suppose to be on here. That is for DC fans only and this app is for TLOU fans man and not DC Comics stuff okay. Look I don’t know you. But look I’m trying to be a nice person and say please just stop with the Superman pictures and prone pics too. Ya now those aren’t aloud on here. That’s just wrong man. Wrong. The Prone pice of girl getting raped. Ain’t cool man. Not cool. Please just being wired dude. You really like seeing girls get raped for real man. Dude. So mean and very wrong bro. Very wrong. 😔😔😔😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
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• 12/4/2018

Please not Superman

Really you guys. We’re are talking about TLOU2 and not DC comics stuff you guys. C’mon. Like what the f** y’all. REALLY everyone else is talking about TLOU2 and you f**ing morons are talking about how hot Superman is. Please just stop. Okay. I don’t cause a argument on here. But if I have too. I will. Please just stop talking about Superman. Okay. 🙄😤😠😡
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• 12/2/2018

TLOU and TLOU2 artwork

Such amazing colors in TLOU game. Its so beautiful in The Last Of Us so beautiful and scenic and amazing to look at when your playing the game yourself. But the music in the game so beautiful love it. Gustavo Santaolla did a wonderful job on the music. Love it too.
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• 12/2/2018

Release date predictions ?

When do you Think TLOU 2 will get released??
Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4 of 2019

Cant Wait no More 🔥😍😭
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• 12/2/2018

Fan of TLOU2

Okay one person on here is not ready for the TLOU2 to come out. That’s not cool man. Sorry but that ain’t cool. C’mon everyone loves TLOU2 and is so READY for it to come out...And someone doesn’t think that it will NEVER come out to PS4. So that’s cold to all of TLOU fans out their man. C’mon. So not fan of TLOU. I don’t think that @KHalid99a ain’t a fan of the game called The Last Of Us or The Last Of Us part 2 that is coming out. #I’am a fan
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