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• 4/11/2017

More action from naughty dog!

The last of us is a beautiful game and can really show a meaning of life in the campaign, but the multiplayer is a different story to that. The first time I played MP, I was amazed of what naughty dog has done to faction online but as I started playing it a lot, it sorta lost all of that momentum by that I mean DLC. The DLC's that have came out in the last of us were incredible new weapons, new customisations, new executions, new taunts and so on. But the game itself is missing so many things and most of them are basic things. Everyone was asking for a co-op survival mode like the infected and naughty dog said they would work on it but then after a month or so (I think) they said they were having some difficulties and didn't have enough time to do it. Now naughty dog doesn't even care about the First Last of us anymore it really bugs me, all I'm saying is we need more DLC anything honestly, I'd really like more new weapons and more customisations for your character. But what I'd really like is a new game mode like a hardcore supply raid so there would be no HUD, health bar, ammo showing on screen, no listen mode and so on, please reply and give me your ideas.
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• 4/12/2017
Did u really type that much?
• 4/12/2017
• 6/21/2017
They're probably busy with tlou2
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