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• 5/10/2017


Do you guys think that in second part we'll play as Ellie,Not Joel?Do you think she will swim?Every reply matters!
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• 5/11/2017
Yes, Neil stated that you'd specifically play as Ellie throughout the game like we did with Joel in the first. As for swimming, it's very possible because in the 2nd trailer she's playing guitar where Joel states he wanted to teach her in the first last of us.
• 5/16/2017
So yes, i bet she would be able to swim. I guarantee it
• 5/20/2017
Yes because they said in the discussion panel that Ellie is the main character in the 2 part
• 5/24/2017
She's now the protagonist...damn
• 7/22/2017
I think she will because in last of us there were many parts where Joel had to swim so if Ellie is the main character then there must be at least one area covered with water and the only way is swimming
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