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• 5/16/2017

Death of Joel

I know that a lot of you believe that Joel will be dead, or will die sometime early in the last of us 2, but can we just think about this for a moment; did we get any warnings that Sarah, Tess, Sam or Henry would die? No, we didn't. If we look at the past works of naughtydog there is a clear pattern when it comes to killing of characters. You're never warned. They create an emotionally relatable character that you fall in love with, to kill them off sometime in the game, usually when things have already gotten pretty intense. What I find to be a pretty interesting theory though, is the thought of Ellie having been kidnapped by the fireflies, a couple of years after the ending of the first game, and that Joel's appearance in the trailer indeed would be a segment of Ellie's conciousness, but not because he necessarily would be dead. If Joel was to be, it would be a twist to have Ellie kill of all the fireflies in an attempt to get back to Joel, to find him dead. It is not very likely to be so, but it would have made way for a really interesting plot and gameplay, I'm sure. Building up under this theory; it would have been even cooler if this death of Joel was a suicide, which lit the raging fire in Ellie, as he left a note for her by his side, explaining everything. I'm really excited for the second game and I'm sure they have something great planned for us.
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• 5/18/2017
*claps* wow nice speech 😀
• 5/18/2017
I'm just really passionate about the last of us, I guess
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