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• 5/20/2017

It' Anna.

I know a lot of you think Ellie is pregnant because of that one poster, but in the second one, Ellie has short hair and the girl in the poster doesn't. Also, remember in the first one, Ellie doesn't need a gas mask. She's immune! I really think that's Anna. Don't you??? Maybe you get to play as Anna in one part of the game ands that's why it shows her on the poster.
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• 5/23/2017
• 5/23/2017
But if she didn't wear mask, she'll turn to one of those fucking big guys!
• 6/2/2017
No, the spores don't effect Ellie! Only Joel needed to wear the mask in the first one! They walked through a subway and Joel puts on a gas mask and Ellie doesn't. She DOES'NT need one!!!!
• 6/8/2017
Everyone knows that ^
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