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• 6/5/2017

Favorite Charachter

Other than Joel and Ellie my fav character is probably Sarah or Henry, what's yours?
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• 6/7/2017
The deer
• 6/8/2017
There wasn't that much characters in the game, by my favorite NPC is the hoodie guy
• 6/9/2017
Bill and tommy
• 6/13/2017
My favorite character is Tess. I guess she's so interesting and original person. She is strict, strong and brave. And her look is amazing. :)
• 6/21/2017
Probably Bill or Tess
• 7/6/2017
My favourite character is Callus😉 (the horse of Joel and Ellie)
• 7/26/2017
Bill fer sure! His back and forth with Ellie is priceless.

So was when Joel said "Now Bill here is kind of strange. He has to get used to you, so you just hang back, stand still, and let me do all the talking". so what does Ellie do? She immediately starts beating him with a pipe! It was all the funnier because she couldn't possibly have hurt him.

And sassing him back:
"Listen here, you little shit..."
"Hey, FUCK you, man! You HANDCUFFED me!"

Those are the two best characters, and every single interaction between them was magnificent to watch!
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