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• 6/10/2017

The Last Of Us 2

Anyone have any theories about the TLOU 2 trailer yet? I think that Ellie had a baby and the fireflies took him/her and she's trying to get revenge. This one might be a stretch but other apocalyptic/story games have done it before, in the the middle of the game or at the end, I think you might have to kill Joel (like Lee in the Walking Dead) or something or someone is going to kill him, share some theories in the comments
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• 6/12/2017
I tjink joel is dead and ellies mind is slowly starting to detiriate and joel is all in her head and is not there and the guitar is an easter egg ti see if u where paying attention in the story joel talks about giving her lessons or buying one and the window in the trailer look at the main menu in the last of us
• 6/13/2017
When ellie said I will find and im gonna kill every last one of them, I think she meant that she wants to kill all the infected l, and maybe she knew that Joel lied to her about the fireflies last game
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