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• 6/17/2017

Improvements for TLOU 2

Many have discuss over the story in the second part, but I want to know:
What Improvements of the gameplay do you wish for the second part ?
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• 6/17/2017
It would be cool to have a inventory that works with weight and not with "numbers" like the actual. So the player could fit it more to there playstyle ( like no sugar bombs, but you can have more ammo, medi-kit or whatever )
Also the funny moments like: "I cant hold more ammo for my revolver, but some fuel-tanks for the flamethrower fits" :P

Also a improvement for melee-fights. I want something like blocking or dodging.
In the first part I actually dont like it, that joel is a survivor-expert ( deadly with everything, survive though shit ), but at the moment, where he get attacked, he transform into a punching-ball. I mean you can technically make nothing and must wait until the combo from the enemy is over and this lowers your health ( and this is not good )
It dont need to be like " oh, you block. Now you get no damage", but like half damage or you strugglethe enemy with the right timing.

Thats are my thoughts. What do your think about it ?
• 6/23/2017
Yes yes exactly what I was thinking about the melee
• 6/24/2017
Would be great if Ellie could swim
• 7/28/2017
I think Joel should just be able to kill clickers with scissors. I mean, scissors are sharp why do you have to add the binding and make it a shiv? It's a waste.😝 also, I want Joel to be able to pick up knifes and forks and stuff. Like: why can't he? Those are sharp too. You don't just need shivs! Also, I think that really anything can be used as a melee weapon. You can hit people with books, and chairs and basically anything hard in real life, so, seriously. Why can't you in the game? Also, in the last of us part II I would like enemies to be able to run out of ammo who's with me on that?! I am just a shiv hater tho, I mean, ALL YOU DO IS PUT BINDING ON SCISSORS! WHY NOT JUST USE THE SCISSORS??????
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