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• 7/1/2017

The strange way I fell in love with Ellie, Sarah, and then TLOU

I've never played this or any 3D game because it's all killing people. Why do guys like doing that?
Then I encountered the Ellie character in... another context. I locked onto her because she looks and acts uncannily like me at 14 (a skinny, sassy, swearing, short-haired, smartmouth, frightened-of-sex tomboy).

In the comments there, I found out she was actually from TLOU, which lead me to tech geek sites. People there talked like the story was seriously excellent—amazing to the point almost of reverence. I just HAD to watch the 6-hr play through on YouTube.

► I couldn't stop watching. Not for six hours.

I ordered pizza for the (group) house so I wouldn't have to get up and do my job in the kitchen.

It was like watching a really good movie. A beautiful movie. I cared about Ellie and Joel just like they were real people. I cared more that Ellie be happy than than I do for the gaming, reef-smoking slackers in this house.

The play-through movie made me yell at my monitor at Joel, demanding that he acknowledge Ellie: how competent she is, and good, and helpful for him. It broke my heart to see him ignore her.

"Tell her you're proud of her, god DAMMIT!"

In several places, the story made me cry—yet it's only a f-ing video game.

After that, I watched the interviews and vids about TLOU for two days, then watched the entire gameplay again, this time with commentary.

When TLOU 2 comes out, I'm going to buy the game -- a first for me. I have a $700 Titan-class graphics card I only use for Second Life.

Okay. The site where I first encountered Ellie was a 3D animated porn site. She and her friend wear blue and yellow jumpsuits from Fallout 4, Vault 95.

One surprise when I watched the gameplay, was that Ellie's adventure companion in the vid series is also a character in TLOU: Sarah.

Each episode is one of their over-the-top, outrageous encounters with guys in the Fallout 4 Wasteland. It is HILARIOUS, but in a really, subtle way. It's not actually porn; it's a parody with a hell of a lot of intense, blatant sex.

► Vault Girls Ellie retains the exact same appearance, personality and voice as in TLOU (because it's the same 3D model and her words are audio clips from it).

Somebody actually collected everything she said, then put them in a different sequence to tell funny, outrageous stories. I like it because Ellie does all the things with guys that I would have done at 14 if I hadn't been STUPID.

Whoever made this series of 7-min vids (and it wasn't me) clearly loves TLOU. He's not ripping it off. Vault Girls was made with love, not disrespect.

In an animation, you can do anything, and they do *everything*. As I said in a comment there last week, It's the hottest, sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life, in any medium.

Start with episode 1 (scroll down at the site), in which they trade sex for supplies. You'll be almost as hooked as you are on her adventure in TLOS.
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• 7/1/2017
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