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You're my people.
— Abby talking to Lev

Abigail "Abby" Anderson is the playable false protagonist of The Last of Us Part II.[5][6] A member of the Fireflies broken by tragedy when Joel Miller murdered her father Jerry Anderson, Abby made it her mission to avenge Jerry's demise. However, it is only after her vengeance that she embarks on a journey with companion Lev and rediscovers purpose in her life.

She is voiced and motion captured by Laura Bailey while former Naughty Dog support VFX artist Jocelyn Mettler and Colleen Fotsch served as the face and body model respectively.


Background and early life

Abby is the daughter of Jerry Anderson, the head surgeon who worked for the Fireflies and was killed by Joel Miller when rescuing Ellie.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Salt Lake City

Abby tracks her father to the remains of the zoo in Salt Lake City, having run away to tend to a pregnant zebra he has been watching. She offers her father a state quarter she found if he will stop abandoning his protective detail, but he convinces her to help him search for the zebra.

Abby, Jerry, and Owen save the mother zebra.

They continue through the woods, following the zebra's tracks until discovering the afterbirth and realize she has already delivered her foal. Soon after, they find her tangled in barbed wire. Owen Moore arrives, frantically looking for Jerry and insisting he is needed at the hospital. With Owen's help, the Andersons free the zebra, who runs off to join her foal. Owen then informs Jerry that the Fireflies found the girl in the tunnels. The trio then hurry off towards the hospital.

Later that evening, Abby brings her father food while he is arguing with Marlene over whether they should kill Ellie in order to potentially create cure for the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Marlene reluctantly approves the surgery and exits. Abby reassures her father that if she was in the same place as Ellie, she would gladly undergo the surgery and to secure a cure.

After Joel fights through the Fireflies and escapes with Ellie, Abby runs to the operating room to check on her father. Entering the room, she sees him lying on the ground covered in blood, dead, with Owen and Manny standing near him. Abby then cries out and Owen consoles her.

Abby breaks down upon learning her father was murdered.

With both Jerry and Marlene dead, the Fireflies, leaving Abby and her friends to head towards Seattle to join the Washington Liberation Front.

Joining the WLF

Months later, Owen and Abby are on the Ferris wheel by the Seattle marina. Owen rocks the gondola and Abby begs him to stop. Abby, suffering from acrophobia, does not want to look at the view near the edge of the cabin. She makes excuses about why she does not want to sit near the edge, while Owen teases her. Eventually Owen stands on the edge of the gondola and, saying that he always loved her, jumps off the wheel. Abby, worried he would be hurt or killed by the fall, rushes to the edge of the cabin. When he does not resurface, Abby leaps down into the water after him. It is revealed that Owen survived the jump and that he found "something awesome". Though protesting that they need to head back for training, she follows Owen to investigate.

Abby and Owen find an underwater entrance to the Seattle aquarium. The pair explore, finding a "theater for fish" and a makeshift dock with a sailboat. Inside the boat, they find evidence of a family living there, including a child's drawings. Abby and Owen continue deeper into the aquarium, finding more evidence of the family that had lived there. Above the lobby, they find the captain of the boat, now a skeleton with a letter in his hands. The letter reveals that the children ran away to join the Seraphites and left their father for dead.

Abby and Owen observe a seal.

Owen find the keys to the aquarium on the corpse and they eventually find an underwater observation dome, still full of life. Abby and Owen share a kiss before stopping short. Abby confides in Owen that she still has a powerful need to find Joel, despite their leads running dry. She asks him to head back with her so they can make it to training. Owen decides to stay and explore the aquarium a while longer, and Abby leaves.

Searching for Joel

Years later, Abby returns to the aquarium in search of Owen. Owen has made the aquarium something of a hideout, cleaning it up and furnishing it with lights and decorations. Abby and Owen chat and banter, though not quite as easily as before. In the time since they first discovered the aquarium, Abby and Owen have broken up, and he is now dating their friend Mel. When Abby beats his record for shooting targets with a toy bow and arrow set, Owen hesitates to put her name on the scoreboard, worried that Mel will be unhappy that Abby was here with him.

Abby and Owen head to the lounge, which Mel has decked out in Christmas fashion. They share some of Owen's home-brewed moonshine, and discuss what Abby came for. Though it has been years since the events in Salt Lake City, she has a tip that Tommy Miller is living in a settlement near Wyoming. Hoping this will lead to finally tracking down Joel, Abby wants to see the lead through. Owen discourages this, since the lead may be no good and she probably will not get approval from Isaac to travel so far from Seattle. Abby counters that she already has Isaac's permission, and their ex-Firefly friends are on board as well. Owen concedes, and agrees to join her on the journey to Jackson.

Abby learns Owen impregnated Mel.

By early March,[7] Abby and her crew take shelter in an abandoned lodge near Jackson. Abby jolts awake just before dawn, plagued by nightmares. She finds Owen already awake and dressed, who tells her to grab her gear so he can show her what he has found.

After a hike through the mountains, they come to an overlook of Jackson. They take stock of the settlement, Owen noting that an armed patrol had ridden out earlier. Seeing how large and well equipped the settlement at Jackson seems, Owen is skeptical that they will be able to get the information they came for. Abby insists they can corner and question one of the patrols, but Owen thinks the others will want to head back for Seattle rather than risk antagonizing such a large settlement. Owen also reveals that Mel is pregnant. They argue, leading to Owen returning to the lodge while Abby forges ahead to one of Jackson's lookouts alone.

Abby convinces Joel and Tommy to flee the Infected horde with her.

Along the way, Abby is forced to make her way through several abandoned houses, and encounters a few groups of Runners. Eventually, she crosses horse tracks, and follows them toward the lookout. A storm rolls in and Abby finds herself in the middle of a horde of the Infected. She outruns them for a time, but a Runner pins her down and attempts to bite her. Joel and Tommy rescue her and the three of them fight their way back to the horses. Abby suggests they retreat to the lodge as a way to escape the horde and they ride out.

"You stupid old man. You don't get to rush this."

Once Abby, Joel, and Tommy make it to the lodge, the rest of Abby's group secure the gates from the Infected. Tommy and Joel introduce themselves and thank the group them for their help and hospitality. The mood in the room changes upon Joel revealing his name. Abby shoots Joel in the leg with a shotgun, and the others subdue Tommy. Joel asks Abby who she is. Abby tells him to guess, but he tells her to make her speech and "get this over with." Abby orders Mel to tourniquet Joel's leg, while she grabs a golf club, then uses it to beat Joel.

Abby torturing Joel.

A while later, Ellie breaks into the room but Nora and Nick subdue her. Owen, worried more people from Jackson will find them, tells Abby to end it so they can leave. Ignoring Ellie's pleas for Joel's life, Abby smashes his head with the golf club, killing him. As the others argue about whether to leave Ellie and Tommy alive or not, Owen decides to spare them, and Abby watches as Ellie is knocked out. With Joel dead, and Ellie and Tommy unconscious, Abby and her group leave the lodge before reinforcements arrive.

Return to Seattle

Weeks later, Abby is still haunted by nightmares about her father's death. She is awoken from one such dream by Manny. He informs her that both of them are being transferred to the Forward Operating Base under Isaac's orders. They pass through the cafeteria in SoundView Stadium. Manny checks in with his father, while Abby stops to talk with Jordan. Jordan tells her he is being dispatched to the Serevena Hotel to collect supplies and then withdrawn to the FOB. He expresses frustration that they appear to be ceding ground to the Seraphites, though Abby seems optimistic that this is part of a larger plan.

Abby and Manny pick up Alice from the kennels.

Abby lines up for food only for Manny to cut in line to speed up the process. When he takes an extra burrito, Abby questions him and Manny admits that Mel will also be joining them on the drive. Abby is unenthusiastic about this news, as her relationship with Mel has been strained since Jackson.

Mel, now visibly pregnant, joins them, and they pick up Alice from the kennel before heading out to the Forward Operating Base (FOB). Abby and Manny briefly enter the firing range to practice using their Semi-Auto Rifles, with the winner making the loser clean their shared room that week. Afterwards, the approach their designated truck. Manny lets the dog take the passenger seat, forcing Abby and Mel to ride in the back. The pair talk about Mel's pregnancy, and how Owen has been distant since their return from Jackson. Soon, Seraphites on horseback ambush their truck. Manny attempts to outmaneuver them, but they eventually crash outside a large hardware store.

Abby's group leave the stadium.

Now on foot, Abby, Manny, Mel, and Alice make their way through the hardware store and a boat repair shop. They encounter more Seraphite patrols, and are eventually pinned down in a gas station. Before they can be completely overwhelmed, a WLF platoon arrives. They kill the remaining Seraphites, and give Abby's group a ride the rest of the way to the FOB.

Arriving at the base, Abby notices Mel sustained a cut to her back in the fight with the Seraphite patrol. Mel is taken for medical treatment while Abby and Manny check in with Isaac to report the ambush. Before meeting with Isaac, they head to the medical tent to check on Mel. They find Nora helping to treat Mel's injury. Nora takes Abby and Manny aside, and tells them that Danny, Owen's patrol partner, is dead, and Owen is missing.

Abby and Manny continue into the base to meet with Isaac. They pass cells where Seraphites are kept for torture, and find Isaac in the middle of an interrogation. Isaac leaves the maimed Seraphite with a WLF guard and takes Abby and Manny to an upper floor to speak with them.

"I need you, Abby."

Isaac reveals he is recalling all WLF units to the FOB, with the intent to launch a large-scale attack on the Seraphite Island. Isaac charges Abby and Manny with leading the assault, and instructs them to choose their squads. Abby says she wants Owen for her group, and asks when he and Danny will be back from patrol. Isaac sees through her feigned nonchalance, explaining that he has not sent a search party out for Owen because Owen shot Danny to protect a Seraphite. Abby insists Owen would not do that, and asks to be allowed to search for Owen, but Isaac refuses to give her leave. He then dismisses the pair from the room.

Searching for Owen

Suspecting Owen will hide out in the aquarium, Abby decides to go look for him despite Isaac's orders. Manny helps her sneak out, and she makes her way through Chinatown. On her way, she passes a location known as Martyr's Gate, where the Seraphite Prophet was killed. The area is thick with enemy patrols, and Abby is eventually captured and knocked unconscious by a group of Seraphites.

The Seraphites hang Abby.

Abby awakens later that night as a group of Seraphites, led by Emily, prepare to ritually kill her in their prophet's name. Abby is hung by the neck, with a bucket for support so she will not suffocate before she can be disemboweled. Before Emily can complete the rite, she is distracted as her companions discover and capture Yara, a Seraphite outcast. Emily asks Yara where the "other apostate" is. Yara spits in her face. Emily instructs the others to break Yara's arms. They smash her left arm with a hammer, but Yara's brother Lev in the trees fire arrows at them to kill them. Emily fires her gun into the dark, but is unable to see the archer. Abby seizes Emily with her legs, enabling Yara to bash Emily in the head with the hammer, killing her. As Emily slumps to the ground, Abby accidentally kicks the bucket away and begins to suffocate. Lev emerges from the trees and Yara tells Lev to cut Abby down, despite his protests that she is one of the WLF. Now free, Abby helps Lev and Yara fight off a pack of Stalkers. The trio then flee through the woods.

Later, a large Seraphite woman attacks Lev and Yara with an axe. Abby tackles the woman and, noticing the woman has stolen her backpack, kills her. Reequipped with her weapons and supplies, Abby presses on with the siblings, clearing a group of Runners from an abandoned building. A jammed security grate halts their progress, so Abby lifts Lev and Yara through a broken window to open the grate from the other side. Before they can move the grate, another wave of Infected forces Lev and Yara to flee. Abby faces the Infected alone, and berates herself for trusting Seraphites to help her.

Abby sets Yara's broken arm.

Moments later, Lev reappears and provides an escape route for Abby. They escape a final Clicker through the back of a crashed ambulance. Yara collapses, exhausted and succumbing to shock from her injury. Abby carries her as Lev leads them toward a shipping yard. They investigate several office trailers, and finally find one unlocked where Lev and Yara can take refuge. Abby sets Yara down on a couch and helps set her broken arm. She then warns Lev that the area is well traveled, and he and Yara need to move on by morning. Abby leaves them in the trailer and continues toward the aquarium alone.

Abby crosses the yard, facing more Clickers and Stalkers among the shipping containers. She climbs up to the raised highway that leads to the aquarium, but a section of concrete gives way and she plummets into the water below. Forced to continue along the shore, Abby traverses a grounded ship. Within, she discovers an infirmary full of corpses have been killed in their sleep with Crossbow bolts. Abby also finds the body of the shooter, and takes the crossbow with her. She kills the Infected that wander the upper decks, and uses the top level of the ship to reach the raised highway above.

Abby follows the highway to the aquarium. However, she finds the building locked. She calls for Owen, but receives no response so decides to break in through a skylight. Abby finds Owen drinking on the floor of the old sailboat. Owen laughs when he sees Abby, and says Isaac is cruel for sending her after him. Abby assures him that she came there by choice. She tells him that Danny is dead, and asks Owen to explain what happened.

Abby finds Owen in the sailboat.

Owen reveals that he and Danny fought while clearing out a small Seraphite camp, when Owen found he could not bring himself to kill an old Seraphite man. Danny was accidentally shot in the fight. Abby believes Owen was simply defending himself, and asks him to come back to base with her to explain it to Isaac. Owen refuses, as he is tired of constantly fighting for land that he does not care about. He tells her he wants to go to Santa Barbara to follow a lead about the Fireflies regrouping. Abby is skeptical of the rumors, but Owen is not dissuaded.

Abby's nightmare of Lev and Yara.

Abby becomes dismissive, and tells Owen they can talk about it in the morning when he is sober. She also says he needs to grow up, like she has. Owen coldly asks her if he should also find and torture the people who killed his family like she did with Joel. Abby shoves him, and they wrestle for a moment. The physical contact breaks the tension between them though, and they have sex.

That night, Abby has another nightmare about St. Mary's Hospital. She runs down the hall of the pediatrics wing. When she opens the door to the operating room, she finds the scene bizarrely merged with the woods where the Seraphites almost killed her. Instead of her father's body lying on the floor, she sees Yara's and Lev's bodies, beaten, disemboweled, and hanging from the trees. Abby starts awake, and leaves Owen asleep in the sailboat to return to the siblings.

Journey to the hospital

Abby returns to the shipping yard, and finds a Seraphite patrol searching for Lev and Yara. She fights her way through the patrol to reach the trailer where she had left the siblings. Outside, she finds two dead Seraphite soldiers. As she approaches the door to the trailer, a shot rings out, and Lev warns her not to come any closer. Abby identifies herself, so Lev lets her enter the trailer. Inside, Abby finds Yara's condition has worsened overnight. Her broken arm is inflamed, and she is weak and barely responsive. Abby decides to bring her and Lev back to the aquarium to better treat her injury.

Mel assesses Yara's injury.jpg

Back in the aquarium, Abby calls for Owen to help, but is surprised by Alice instead. Alice is initially hostile toward the strangers, but quiets once Mel arrives. Mel asks Abby who these kids are, and Abby explains that they saved her life, and asks Mel to help with Yara's injury. They take Yara into a veterinary exam room in the aquarium, and Mel assesses the damage to Yara's arm. She says the bone has been shattered, and Yara is suffering from compartment syndrome. Her arm will need to be amputated.

Abby asks Mel what she needs to perform the amputation. Mel says she ideally needs a bone saw, sutures, and antibiotics, but those supplies are not available at the aquarium. Owen suggests using their knives to amputate the arm, and cauterizing the wound, but Abby says the risk of infection is too high. She then asks Mel to make a list of what supplies she needs, and says she will go to the hospital to retrieve the supplies. Mel says it will take too long for Abby to get to the hospital and back. Lev suggests that they could use a route he knows, which would get them to the hospital in about two hours, instead of taking most of the day. Abby agrees to his plan, and she and Lev depart the aquarium.

Abby leads Lev to the mouth of the rapids, where Lev identifies the skyscrapers that make up the Seraphite routes. They cut through shops and apartments to get to the base of the skyscraper. Lev, who is more nimble and unafraid of heights, is able to jump gaps and help Abby get into places she could not on her own. They talk more as they travel, both opening up to each other. Abby asks Lev again why the Seraphites would want to kill him for shaving his head. Lev says it simply was not allowed, and Abby thinks it is "punk rock" of him to do it anyway. Lev also asks Abby why she is helping him and Yara when they are Seraphites and she is with the WLF. Abby tells him she felt like she needed to, and that she was doing it for herself.

After clearing a coffee shop full of Infected, Abby and Lev reach the base of the skyscrapers. Lev leads the way up through the first stories of the building along some Seraphite-built paths. Abby often takes alternative routes to Lev, as her fear of heights prevents her from leaping across beams as he does. When Lev leads the way up a ladder to a higher floor, a Seraphite patrol spots them. One of the Seraphites calls out that they found "Lily", and the patrol attacks. Abby and Lev defeat them, though Lev suffered a graze in the fight. Abby offers to bandage it for him, but Lev is agitated and refuses. He asks Abby if she heard what the other Seraphites called him, and she admits she did. Lev then asks if she wants to ask him about it. Abby asks back if Lev wants her to ask him about it. Lev says no, and Abby leads him on to the next section of the building.

Abby and Lev find a shrine to the Seraphite Prophet. Lev pauses to pray, and Abby questions whether the "prophet" knew what she was starting. Lev protests that she saved dozens of people in inexplicable ways, but Abby says she just "blew up trucks and killed some soldiers." Lev asks whether she has read the Prophet's writings, and says he thinks she would benefit from them. Another ladder brings them to a section of the building that was under construction. Among the scaffolding, Abby and Lev meet another Seraphite patrol. After defeating the Seraphites again, Abby and Lev make their way to a construction elevator. Abby has a hard time with the ascent due to her acrophobia. Lev tries to calm her by thinking about the good parts to fear. He quotes the Prophet's teachings that "only when weak may I find my true strength." Despite her skepticism, Abby calms a little from talking to Lev.

Abby and Lev emerge from the elevator and climb a final floor to the sky bridges. Abby is devastated to discover that the bridges are made of narrow walkways constructed around the remains of an old tower crane.

In the abandoned hospital basement, Abby searches for some medical supplies while avoiding and killing Infected. Shortly after finding the medical supplies in an abandoned ambulance, Abby is attacked by the Rat King, a hideous Infected made from Clickers, Stalkers, a Bloater and a Shambler, all fused together by the Cordyceps fungus. After killing the Rat King, Abby leaves the hospital and is tackled by Lev, who reveals that the WLF are searching for her. Spotting a boat, the pair flee back to the aquarium in it.

Personality and traits

Abby is a hardened but emotionally conflicted young woman. After her father's death and the disbanding of the Fireflies, Abby distanced herself from her friends, like Owen and Mel, to achieve her personal goal of murdering Joel. She became a stoic and blunt soldier in order to achieve it. 

She also exemplifies her more warped perspectives in how she tortured and killed Seraphites because she saw them immoral. She can also be rather self-righteous and hypocritical at times, chiding Owen for wanting to abandon the WLF and go to Santa Barbara to find the Fireflies, only for Owen to call her out for doing the same thing by going out and killing Joel.

Despite her cold nature, Abby is not without humanity as she displayed dissatisfaction and guilt, especially later on in the game when both Lev and Yara question her about why she helped them, although she does not tell them why she feels guilty. When talking to Owen, Abby laments that she is no longer who she believed she was, believing her goodness has been lost, with Owen reflecting they had both "stopped looking for the light" after leaving the Fireflies.

Upon realizing that she had abandoned her Firefly sense of morality by joining the WLF, she has another dream about her father, except instead of entering the operating room and finding him dead like in her nightmares, she enters and finds him smiling at her, indicating she had finally overcome her father's death, not by killing Joel, but by helping those she cared about. Another instance of her psychological improvement is her display of guilt in how her selfish actions fractured her relationship with Mel. 

It is only after she befriends Lev that this dark exterior begins to fade and is replaced with a more compassionate side, demonstrated in how she showed mercy to Dina and Ellie by sparing them after, ashamed of herself for almost killing Dina in front of Lev.

Months later, Abby no longer held a grudge against Ellie. She instead became humble and benevolent, prioritizing her goal of protecting Lev and only fighting Ellie when she threatened Lev.

Skills and abilities

Since a young age, the Fireflies and WLF trained Abby into a capable soldier. Her extensive training has resulted in her gaining a muscular and toned physique that enables her to perform incredible feats of strength such as breaking bones and crushing skulls. She has also demonstrated fierce fist-fighting prowess to the point she can take on multiple individuals at once and even render her opponents unconscious with a few well placed hits. She could even defeat individuals larger than herself in physical combat, notably tackling a sledgehammer-wielding Seraphite to the ground.

Her most impressive physical feat is her ability to outmatch several Stalkers in combat, which are known for their swift movement and above-average strength, while defending Lev and Yara in the Seattle forest. She could also out-muscle and defeat other WLF soldiers and easily overwhelming Ellie in melee combat despite Ellie stabbing her. Abby also managed to defeat Tommy Miller in combat, an individual once infamous among the Fireflies for his fighting proficiency, albeit with assistance from Yara, who stopped Tommy from pushing Abby over a pier when she was overwhelmed by him. Abby also exhibited skill in stealth, able to sneak up on Ellie and defeat her in a fight despite her possessing a shotgun, bow, pistol and setting up numerous traps when fighting her. She could also maneuver her way through rubble to avoid Tommy while the man was attempting to snipe her and Manny Alvarez.

Much like Joel, she can perform fatal chokeholds by breaking enemies' necks, and is proficient in the use of multiple styles of combat and weaponry from her upbringing. She can capably use multiple firearms. She is so skilled that Isaac made her one of his highest ranked soldiers, opting to place her in charge of an entire army for the invasion in Seraphite territory, though she declined the promotion. Her reaction time was sharp, able to quickly shoot Jesse in the head when he ran into a room. Her most impressive feat in combat was her ability to single-handedly defeat a Rat King Infected type while trapped in the basement of the Seattle hospital. To date, she is only known individual capable of doing so and surviving.

Despite her incredible strength and resilience, Abby can still be overwhelmed by multiple individuals and those who possess greater strength than her. She also struggled to defeat opponents when surprised, like when she needed Lev to intervene when attacked by a knife-wielding Dina, when she was ambushed by Tommy and Yara came to her aid, and earlier required assistance when a Seraphite brute nearly choked her to death at Haven. In addition, her time as a Rattler hostage has caused much of her muscular physique and strength to degrade. However, even in her weakened state, she still held her own against a weakened Ellie, and had enough strength to bite off sections of Ellie's fingers. Ultimately, Ellie managed to hold Abby under the water, but Abby only survived when an emotional Ellie spared her.

Design and appearance

Abby is a tall woman in her early twenties, with dark blonde hair (which she kept braided in a fishtail for most of her youth and early adult life), pale freckled skin, and brown eyes. While she had a fairly normal build during her youth, her time as a soldier within the WLF, coupled with her thirst for revenge, led her to develop a solid and muscular build, which made her easily identifiable to others. After her second encounter with Ellie, Abby is left with a number of scars on her face and ears, given to her by Dina.

After being captured and enduring months of slave labor at the hands of the Rattlers, Abby had lost a great deal of muscle mass, her hair was messily chopped short, and her skin was severely sunburned.



Abby and Owen had a good friendship together and were once romantically intertwined. However, Abby's pursuit of revenge prematurely ended their romance.

After Abby killed Joel, their relationship fractured further. However, this rupture did not prevent Abby from having a casual sexual encounter with Owen again, though she admitted she had no emotional investment in the act. Owen, however, saw Abby as a better person for it, especially as she began helping Yara and Lev.

Upon finding Owen dead, Abby broke down in tears, devastated by the loss that she sought vengeance once again in Ellie. After choosing to spare Ellie, Abby decided to honor Owen's memory by following the rumor of Fireflies in Santa Barbara, carrying out the dream Owen never got to follow. In a diary entry, Abby admits that she still missed Owen.


Abby and Mel had an uneasy relationship. Before joining the WLF, the two women were close since Abby's father had taught Mel on medical procedures. Their bond weakened over time as Abby was focused more on her duties at the WLF. Despite this, they got along until Mel witnessed Abby's sadistic nature when Joel was being tortured.

Upon their return, Mel was distant to Abby and avoided talking about the assassination. Mel would keep this to herself until Abby showed up with both Lev and Yara, two teenagers escaping from the Seraphites.

While Owen thought Abby was doing a good deed, Mel saw it as a facade to excuse herself from her cruel acts and other selfish choices she made over the years. Thus, Mel bitterly told Abby that she was also doing this because she wanted to take Owen from her. Mel announced that she was no longer friends with Abby, to which Abby remorsefully agreed.

Despite how Mel hated Abby, Abby still cared for Mel, such as telling Owen to stay with Mel to fix up the boat. Although, Abby did it to avoid fracturing Owen and Mel's relationship. Another example was when Abby wanted to kill Dina after Ellie told Abby she was pregnant, to which Abby replied "good," seeing it as payback for Ellie killing Mel.


While their interactions were brief, Abby's relationship with Joel was defined by extreme amounts of hatred. After Joel killed her father, Abby dedicated four years of her life to killing him, training to physically overpower Joel, going over every possible lead on his location and severing ties with her previous relationships (Fireflies and Owen) so she could one day seek revenge on her father's killer. Before learning who Joel was, they formed a brief alliance after he saved her from a horde of Infected. However, upon discovering Joel's identity, Abby lured Joel to the ski lodge her group was staying at in order to escape the Infected before promptly shooting him in the leg. While Joel did not know who Abby was, he understood that her actions were an act of revenge for his previous actions and smugly told her to "say whatever speech [Abby] got rehearsed, and get this over with". Infuriated by Joel's remark, Abby decided to beat Joel to death, wanting to prolong the survivor's suffering. While Abby voiced no regret over killing Joel, it can be inferred that killing him did not give her the satisfaction or closure she was hoping for.


Despite only meeting physically a total of three times, Abby's relationship with Ellie was defined by revenge, animosity and loss. Their first encounter was Abby's murder of Joel, with Ellie (who had come in search of Joel and Tommy) being forced to watch. Despite the risk of leaving witnesses alive, Abby chose to spare Ellie and Tommy, possibly influenced by Owen's protests. Abby's mercy would cost her greatly, as Ellie would go on to kill four of Abby's friends (Jordan, Nora, Owen, and Mel) in her pursuit of revenge against Abby.

Abby's second encounter with Ellie was in response to the murders of Owen and Mel. While she initially thought nothing of Ellie, their deaths prompted her to track Ellie to an old movie theater via a map left at the aquarium, Abby took vengeance on the young woman and Tommy (who had killed two of Abby's friends in revenge), killing Ellie's friend Jesse, crippling Tommy and brutally beating both Ellie and her girlfriend Dina. However, at Lev's request, Abby spared the two women, leaving Ellie with a warning to never let her see her again.

Their third and final encounter was in Santa Barbara. Ironically, Ellie's search led to her initially saving Abby and Lev from the Rattler gang. By this point, Abby's animosity towards Ellie had faded, and it was only when Ellie threatened the weakened Lev at knife-point that she agreed to fight. This time, the fight ended in Ellie's hands: it was only by Ellie's timely change of heart that Abby survived, and the two parted ways for good.


Although Tommy was a former Firefly, he did not know Abby personally. While trying to find Joel, Abby learned about Tommy's settlement and led an expedition in hopes that Joel would be there. Before learning who Tommy was, Abby shared a short alliance with him to escape the Infected at the ski lodge. However, once sure he was Joel's brother, Abby turned hostile and displayed no remorse in having killed his brother or allowing Nora to attack Tommy.

When Tommy came to Seattle to avenge Joel's death, Abby assumed him to be responsible for all of her friend's recent deaths and channelled that anger onto him by assaulting him at the theater. While Tommy survived the encounter, Abby did shoot him without remorse in an effort to avenge her friends.


Weapons used



Large firearms


Melee weapons


Abby: "You stupid old man… You don't get to rush this."

[Looking at the Christmas stocking Mel made for Owen]
Abby: "I think it's adorable."
Owen: "I think you can go fuck yourself."
Abby: "No, I wish… someone loved me enough to make me a stocking."
Owen: "You don't deserve one."
Abby: "What? a stocking? Or someone who loves me?"

Abby: "I wonder if your "prophet" had any idea what she was starting."
Lev: "She saved dozens of people. In ways no one can explain."
Abby: "She blew up trucks and killed some soldiers… Not that hard to explain."

Yara: "Mel's wrong, you know. You're a good person."
Abby: "You don't know me."
Yara: "I know enough."

Abby: "He's not one of them. Please."
Isaac: "Abby, move--"
Abby: "God damn it, he's just a kid!"

Lev: "Those were your fucking people!"
Abby: "Hey, you're my people!"

Abby: "You killed my friends… We let you both live… and you wasted it!"

Ellie: "I can't let you leave."
Abby: "I'm not doing this."


  • Abby's full name, Abigail Anderson, is mentioned in a sign next to her room.
  • Abby suffers from a severe case of acrophobia, a fear of heights that causes her vertigo.[8]
    • When playing as Abby, if the player chooses to go near a ledge at high altitudes, Abby will grow visually distressed, and the camera will pan out when looking down to indicate her vertigo.
  • The name "Abby" is a diminutive form of the Hebrew name "Abigail," meaning "my father's joy." This reflects her character of avenging her father, Jerry Anderson's, death.[9] Also, her surname "Anderson" derives from the Greek name " Andreas," meaning "Man" or "Manly", as it also matches up with her strong physique.[10]
  • Upgrading Abby does not make her harder to beat during her boss fight.



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