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You're my people.
— Abby talking to Lev

Abigail "Abby" Anderson is the playable false protagonist of The Last of Us Part II.[4][5] A member of the Fireflies broken by tragedy when Joel Miller murdered her father Jerry Anderson, Abby made it her mission to avenge Jerry's demise. However, it is only after her vengeance that she embarks on a journey with companion Lev and rediscovers purpose in her life.

She is voiced and motion captured by Laura Bailey while former Naughty Dog support VFX artist Jocelyn Mettler and Colleen Fotsch served as the face and body model respectively.



Abby is the daughter of Jerry Anderson, the head surgeon who worked for the Fireflies and was killed by Joel Miller when rescuing Ellie.

Events of The Last of Us

While Abby and her father were tracking a zebra in the forest near the St. Mary's Hospital, she fell in some mud and found a penny. They went through the woods a little more until finding the zebra's afterbirth, realizing she has given birth. Eventually, they track her down and find her tangled in some barbed wire. Owen Moore shows up and helps them free the zebra who runs off towards her other foal that is still alive. Owen then informs Jerry that the Fireflies found the girl in the tunnel. They then hurry off towards the hospital.

Jerry and Marlene talk about whether or not they should kill Ellie in order for a cure to be made. Before finishing, Abby enters the room with his dinner and Marlene gives the approval to Jerry to perform the surgery. She then leaves the room to inform Joel about their decision. Abby then reassures her dad that if she was in the same place as Ellie, she would have gladly accepted the surgery and died for a cure.

After Joel's fights through the Fireflies to save Ellie, Abby finds herself near the operating room and runs towards it to see if her dad is okay. When she enters the room, she sees Jerry lying on the ground covered in blood, dead, with Owen and Manny standing near him. Abby then starts to scream "Dad" as Owen holds her in his arms while she cries and mourns the death of her father. This incident fills Abby with rage and a craving for revenge.


Abby after finding out her father was murdered.

After the incident, the Fireflies had no choice but to officially disband. As a result, Abby, Owen, and remainder of the Fireflies were forced to move to Seattle to start their new life.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Months later, Owen and Abby are on a Ferris wheel in Seattle. Owen rocks the cabin and Abby begs him to stop. She does not want to look at the view near the edge of the cabin. She then makes excuses about why she does not want to sit near the edge, but ends with Owen saying that he always loved her and he jumps off the cabin straight toward the water. Abby, who suffers from acrophobia, holds herself near the edge of the cabin to see if Owen is still alive before deciding to jump in the water. It is revealed that Owen survived the jump and that he found "something awesome". She then follows him towards what he found.

It is revealed to be an aquarium. They swim a bit more and explore their surroundings making various remarks. They find a "theater for fish" and a makeshift dock made from a sailboat. They get inside it and find some drawings made by a child. The two then keep exploring the aquarium and find a large room filled with replicas of sea animals. They head upstairs and find the captain of the boat, now a skeleton with a letter in his hands. It is revealed that the children ran off to join the Seraphites and left their father for dead. Owen find the keys of the boat and they eventually find a large room surrounded by sea animals who are still alive. Abby and Owen then share a kiss before stopping short. She is still filled with feelings of hatred against Joel and they say all their leads are dead. Owen stays in the aquarium while Abby leaves the room.

Quite some time later, Abby returned to the aquarium to find Owen there, and the aquarium filled with lights and music. They keep walking inside the aquarium until Abby finds a purple bow. Owen gives her the bow and a time limit to knock off ten targets. She managed to knock over all of them and Abby convinces Owen to write her name on the board because he is scared of Mel finding out that he was with her. They head into a large room filled with Christmas decorations and a beautiful view of the city. They sit on the couch and drink a bit before Abby finds stockings nearby.

She then reveals that she found Tommy's location, which is a settlement near Wyoming. Abby wants to see the lead through, but Owen tries to convince Abby that the lead may be useless. She managed to convince the others to go along; she also got approval from leader Isaac Dixon to send that many people off base, to Owen's surprise. They then look at the Ferris wheel in the distance as the screen cuts to black.

Abby and Owen3

Abby learns Owen got Mel pregnant.

Some time has passed, and the group makes their way to Jackson. They are sleeping inside a lodge, and Abby wakes up to find Owen gazing outside the window. Owen tells her to follow him as he has something to show her, and the two head to a higher position up the mountain. Owen shows Abby a clear view of the Jackson settlement, and she is astonished that her lead went through. Abby is determined to interrogate the citizens to flush out Joel's location, but Owen is uneasy due to the others possibly wanting to turn back, and Mel's pregnancy. After Owen heads back to the lodge, expecting Abby to meet him back there, Abby decides to take initiative and head towards one of the outposts herself. After being attacked by waves of Infected hiding in the snow, Abby stumbles upon horse tracks and begins tracking them.

Abby Joel guns

Abby convinces Joel and Tommy to flee Infected with her.

While following the horse tracks, Abby comes across a large number of Runners Severely outnumbered, Abby desperately runs from the Infected chasing her, but eventually finds herself surrounded. As she struggles with a Runner, she is saved by Joel and Tommy, who are out on patrol, and the three prepare to fight off waves of Infected as they try to escape. Once they are able to catch their breath, Tommy and Joel introduce themselves, and Abby does the same, realizing she has met the target of her vengeance. Tommy and Joel realize they cannot outrun the Infected back to Jackson, but Abby mentions the lodge that her comrades are staying at. Tommy and Joel agree to head there on their horses.

Abby golf

"You stupid old man. You don't get to rush this."

The three arrive back at the lodge, and the rest of the WLF soldiers secure their position from the Infected. Tommy and Joel thank the soldiers for their hospitality and introduce themselves, but the tone quickly shifts. Abby suddenly shoots Joel in the leg with a shotgun, and the other soldiers subdue Tommy. Joel asks Abby who she is, and Abby tells him to guess. Abby orders Mel to tourniquet Joel's leg, while she grabs a golf club and proceeds to beat Joel with it. Eventually, Ellie arrives, but the others quickly subdue her. Owen, worried about the entire town rushing them, tells Abby to end it so they can retreat. Ignoring Ellie's pleads, Abby looks down at the severely beaten Joel and smashes his head with the golf club, killing him. As the others argue about whether to leave Ellie alive or not, Owen decides to spare her due to her not being involved, and Abby watches as Ellie is knocked out. With Joel dead, and Ellie and Tommy unconscious, the WLF soldiers leave the lodge before reinforcements arrive.

Abby tortures Joel

Abby torturing Joel.

Despite her successful revenge, she was still subjected to constant nightmares about her dad and her overwhelming guilt of killing Joel for the sake of revenge.

Weeks later, she was awoken by Manny in the library. Manny revealed that the WLF's leader, Isaac, wanted the pair to head over to the WLF's Forward Operating Base (FOB) to discuss an upcoming attack plan. Abby then got up and proceeded with Manny to the WLF's dining hall. Manny asked her to get their food while he checked in with his father. While there, Jordan called her over and revealed that Isaac was having him and Mike take their platoon over to the Seattle High School to clear it for supplies. Abby wished him well and then proceeded to the food line.

Skills and abilities

Since a young age, the Fireflies and WLF trained Abby into a capable soldier. Her extensive training has resulted in her gaining a muscular and toned physique that enables her to perform incredible feats of strength such as breaking bones and crushing skulls. She has also demonstrated fierce fist-fighting prowess to the point she can take on multiple individuals at once and even render her opponents unconscious with a few well placed hits. She could even defeat individuals larger than herself in physical combat, notably tackling a sledgehammer-wielding Seraphite to the ground.

Her most impressive physical feat is her ability to outmatch several Stalkers in combat, which are known for their swift movement and above-average strength, while defending Lev and Yara in the Seattle forest. She could also out-muscle and defeat other WLF soldiers, easily overwhelm Ellie in melee combat despite Ellie stabbing her, and managed to defeat Tommy Miller in combat, an individual once infamous among the Fireflies for his fighting proficiency. Abby also exhibited skill in stealth, able to sneak up on Ellie and defeat her in a fight despite the woman possessing a shotgun, bow, pistol and numerous traps when fighting her. She could also maneuver her way through rubble to avoid Tommy while the man was attempting to snipe her and Manny Alvarez.

Much like Joel, she can perform fatal chokeholds by breaking enemies' necks, and is proficient in the use of multiple styles of combat and weaponry from her upbringing. She can capably use multiple firearms. She is so skilled that Isaac made her one of his highest ranked soldiers, opting to place her in charge of an entire army for the invasion in Seraphite territory, though she declined the promotion. Her reaction time was sharp, able to quickly shoot Jesse in the head when he ran into a room. Her most impressive feat in combat was her ability to single-handedly defeat a Rat King Infected type while trapped in the basement of the Seattle hospital. To date, she is only known individual capable of doing so and surviving.

Despite her incredible strength and resilience, Abby can still be overwhelmed by multiple individuals and those who possess greater strength than her. She also struggled to defeat opponents when surprised, like when she needed Lev to intervene when attacked by a knife-wielding Dina, when she was ambushed by Tommy and Yara came to her aid, and earlier required assistance when a Seraphite brute nearly choked her to death at Haven. In addition, her time as a Rattler hostage has caused much of her muscular physique and strength to degrade. However, even in her weakened state, she still held her own against a weakened Ellie, and had enough strength to bite off sections of Ellie's fingers. Ultimately, Ellie managed to hold Abby under the water, but Abby only survived when an emotional Ellie spared her.


Abby is a hardened but emotionally conflicted young woman. After her father's death and the disbanding of the Fireflies, Abby distanced herself from her friends, like Owen and Mel, to achieve her personal goal in murdering Joel. She became a stoic and blunt soldier in order to achieve it. 

She also exemplifies her more warped perspectives in how she tortured and killed Seraphites because she saw them immoral.

Despite her cold nature, Abby is not without humanity as she displayed dissatisfaction, and most likely guilt, about Joel's death. Another example of this display is that she quietly cries to herself, feeling remorse over her selfish actions fracturing her relationship with Mel. 

It is only after she befriended Lev that this dark exterior begins to fade and was replaced with a more compassionate side, demonstrated in how she showed mercy to Dina and Ellie by sparing them after, ashamed of herself for almost killing Dina in front of Lev.

Months later, Abby no longer held a grudge against Ellie. She instead became humble and benevolent, prioritizing her goal of protecting Lev. 



Abby and Owen had a good friendship together and were once romantically intertwined. However, Abby's pursuit of revenge prematurely ended their romance.

After Abby killed Joel, their relationship fractured further. However, this rupture did not prevent Abby from having a casual sexual encounter with Owen again, though she admitted she had no emotional investment in the act. Owen, however, saw Abby as a better person for it, especially as she began helping Yara and Lev.

Upon finding Owen dead, Abby broke down in tears, devastated by the loss that she sought vengeance once again in Ellie.


Abby and Mel had an uneasy relationship. Before joining the WLF, the two women were close since Abby's father had taught Mel on medical procedures. Their bond weakened over time as Abby was focused more on her duties at the WLF. Despite this, they got along until Mel witnessed Abby's sadistic nature when Joel was being tortured.

Upon their return, Mel was distant to Abby and avoided talking about the assassination. Mel would keep this to herself until Abby showed up with both Lev and Yara, two teenagers escaping from the Seraphites.

While Owen thought Abby was doing a good deed, Mel saw it as a facade to excuse herself from her cruel acts and other selfish choices she made over the years. Thus, Mel bitterly told Abby that she was also doing this because she wanted to take Owen from her. Mel announced that she was no longer friends with Abby, to which Abby remorsefully agreed.

Despite how Mel hated Abby, Abby still cared for Mel, such as telling Owen to stay with Mel to fix up the boat. Although, Abby did it to avoid fracturing Owen and Mel's relationship. Another example was when Abby wanted to kill Dina after Ellie told Abby she was pregnant, to which Abby replied "good," seeing it as payback for Ellie killing Mel.


Abby hated Ellie for a long time. Despite only physically meeting at three key moments, Abby's animosity towards Ellie was fleeting but intense. She threatened to kill Ellie at the theater and attempted to do so to avenge Ellie killing her friends. She attempted to shoot her, beat her and then stab her, only showing restraint after Lev intervened.

Months after deciding to spare her, Abby moved on from her vengeance with Ellie. When meeting her for the third and final time, she only fought her because Ellie threatended to kill Lev when she didn't. When Ellie stopped drowning her and let her go, Abby chose to leave her alone on the beach in Santa Barbara rather than continue fighting, displaying that Abby evolved beyond her lust for revenge and no longer cared for Ellie.

Design and appearance

Abby is a tall woman in her early twenties where due to years of intense training, coupled with her desire for revenge against Joel and putting her life on the line against the Seraphites, allowed her to develop a solid and noticeably muscular build. As a result of said built, it makes Abby easy to remember whenever she is seen. During her youth and early adult life she had her dark blonde hair braided into a fishtail.

When captured and held hostage for months by the Rattlers, Abby lost much of her muscular physique, her hair was cut extremely short and she bore multiple cuts and scars as a result of her time with them.

Weapons Used



Large Firearms


Melee Weapons


  • Abby's full name, Abigail Anderson, is mentioned in a sign next to her room.
  • Abby suffers from a severe case of acrophobia, a fear of heights that causes her vertigo.[6]
    • When playing as Abby, if the player chooses to go to ledge on a high building, Abby grows anxious and wraps her arms around herself.
  • The name "Abby" is a diminutive form of the Hebrew name "Abigail," meaning "my father's joy." This reflects her character of avenging her father, Jerry Anderson's, death.[7] Also, her surname "Anderson" derives from the Greek name " Andreas," meaning "Man" or "Manly", as it also matches up with her strong physique.[8]



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