Adios is the twenty seventh of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and forty-three seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel exits the ranch house, shotgun in hand. He aims it as he scouts the area for more Bandits. He doesn't see any.]

Joel: It's clear.

[Tommy, holding his rifle, and Ellie exit the house also. Joel watches Ellie with a sombre look as she reaches her horse.]

Tommy: [to Ellie] You want a hand up?

Ellie: I got it.

[Ellie mounts her horse as does Tommy.]

Tommy: C'mon...

[As Tommy and Ellie begin to leave, Joel mounts his horse. He follows them a few feet behind. They tread at a steady pace through the forest. Joel is deep in thought, clearly thinking about what Ellie had just said to him at the ranch. Eventually, they come into sight of Tommy's settlement. Joel and Tommy near the edge.]

Joel: [to his horse] Easy... easy.

Tommy: [to his horse] Whoa now. [the two have stopped just shy of the edge. Ellie stops just behind them. To Joel.] There she is. Kids'll be watching movies tonight.

Joel: Where is this lab of theirs?

Tommy: It's all the way out - University of Eastern Colorado.

Joel: Go Big Horns. [he and Tommy snicker. To Ellie.] Ellie, get off your horse, give it on back to Tommy. [to Tommy] I'm gonna hang on to this fella, if that's alright with you. [to Ellie, who is too stunned to move.] Go on. Don't make me repeat myself?

Tommy: What are you doing?

Joel: Your wife kinda scares me. I don't want her coming after me.

[Ellie dismounts her horse and approaches Tommy, offering the reins which he passively takes.]

Ellie: Sorry for stealing your horse.

Tommy: [focused on Joel] Look, come back to town, let's discuss it at least.

Joel: [as he pulls Ellie up onto the horse.] Eh, you know me. My mind's all made up. University Eastern Colorado. How do I find this lab?

Tommy: It's in the science building, looks like a giant mirror, you can't miss it.

Joel: You take care of that wife of yours.

Tommy: There's a place for you here, you know.

[Joel nods in appreciation.]

Joel: [to Ellie] You good?

Ellie: [Content] I'm good.

Joel: Adios, little brother. [to horse] C'mon.

[With that, Joel and Ellie depart as Tommy watches them. End cinematic]