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Alice was a dog in The Last of Us Part II.


Events of The Last of Us Part II

Alice is one of many dogs trained by the WLF to assist in patrolling Seattle. Mel appears to be one of her primary handlers. Prior to her trip to Jackson, Mel had furnished Owen's aquarium hideout with a dog bed and toys for Alice.

When Abby, Manny, and Mel were transferred to the forward operating base, Alice was assigned to accompany them. Manny allowed the dog to ride shotgun in the truck, forcing Mel and Abby to share the back. The truck was soon ambushed by Seraphites, and crashed outside a large hardware store. Alice survived the assault unscathed and helped her handlers fight the infected inside as they tried to make it to safety; when Abby was trapped and threatened by a clicker, Alice came to her aid by intercepting and mauling the infected. As the group continued on foot to the FOB, Alice continued to assist in fights against Seraphite patrols until reinforcements arrived to rescue the group.

Arriving at the FOB, Alice was kenneled with the other WLF dogs at the base where she presumably remained until the next day, when she was released to Mel. Alice accompanied Mel as she tracked Owen, who had recently become a fugitive from WLF, to the city's aquarium.

Abby arrived at the aquarium later that day, with the Seraphites Lev and Yara. Having been trained to attack any Seraphite on sight, Alice was initially hostile and had to be restrained by Owen, but backed down at a command from Mel. By the next day, Alice realized that the former Seraphites were not a threat and became much more friendly, letting Lev pet her and playing fetch with Yara. When Lev ran off to the Seraphite Island, and Abby and Yara left the aquarium to get him back, Alice stayed behind with Mel and Owen.

When Ellie attempted to break into the aquarium, Alice was alerted by the noise, attacking the intruder when she fell out of an air duct. Ellie fatally stabbed her with her switchblade, leaving her body in the hall as she went on to kill Owen and Mel as well. Abby, returning to the aquarium later, found Alice's body in the hall where Ellie left her.



  • Alice's motion capture was done by Roach who, unlike his video game counterpart, is a Belgian Malinois in real life.[1]
  • The name "Alice" come from Germanic origin, meaning "noble" or "exalted."[2]