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Make me proud Ellie!
— Anna to her daughter Ellie, in a letter

Anna is a deceased character who is mentioned in The Last of Us. She is the mother of Ellie and a close friend of Marlene.


Before the outbreak, Anna worked as a nurse and at some point became good friends with Marlene. Although they fought a lot due to Anna's stubbornness, they were close.

After the outbreak, she became pregnant and sometime during 2019 gave birth to her daughter, who she named Ellie. She died within a day of giving birth to her, but she had the time to write Ellie a letter. Before Anna died, Marlene promised to look after Ellie in her absence. She would keep her promise despite her position as leader of the Fireflies. After that, Marlene took care of Ellie for a while, but eventually put her in a military boarding school.

When Ellie was finally brought to Salt Lake City to reverse engineer a cordyceps brain infection vaccine, Marlene grudgingly gave the doctors the go-ahead to perform the surgery on Ellie. Knowing the operation will kill her friend's daughter, Marlene "speaks" to Anna and promises her that Ellie "will be with [her] soon."[1]

Ellie carries Anna's letter with her in her backpack, along with her mother's switchblade as seen in the Winter chapter. At the end of the note, it is signed "Make me proud, Ellie!" and Ellie can be heard saying, "I'm trying to make you proud..."

Personality and Traits

Anna described herself as being stubborn, tending to give people a hard time, and not liking children, especially infants. Despite that, her letter showed how she loved and valued Ellie in the short time they spent together. Additionally, Anna also states in her letter to Ellie that she knew she was going to die, but knew that Ellie would grow strong and make her proud.


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