Artifacts are one of the four collectible types that appear in The Last of Us on PS3 and its Remastered edition on the PS4. They are also the only collectible type obtained in the associated DLC, Left Behind.

There are a total of 85 artifacts. To view pages of individual artifacts, see the categories page. Artifacts are great way to know the world and information of The Last Of Us.

Their are also a total of 13 artifacts obtainable in the Left Behind DLC, some offering context to what had happened at Colorado Mountain Plaza before Ellie arrived, particularly a set of notes written by Captain Regan.


Artifacts include mainly notes, pages, journals, maps and diagrams. Some objects also count as artifacts, such as Sam's Robot, Riley's Pendant and Ellie's Backpack. Most artifacts are for story purposes only and give no advantage to the player, but a few artifacts give small advantages, such as describing locations where loot can be found or enabling the player to open Safes.


Bugs and GlitchesEdit

Note that in some cases, when you die or quit the game, a previously found artifact may need to be retrieved again depending on where your last auto-save occurred. Always double-check to ensure that any artifacts you found previously don't need to be picked up again.