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Shit, bandits!
Tommy's men when facing a Bandit attack[1]

Bandits, occasionally called Marauders, are an enemy group encountered in The Last of Us and Factions MP that raid areas inhabited by other survivors.[1][2]


Events of The Last of Us

After the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak, the bandits thrived in the area of Jackson County, Wyoming, and elsewhere across the post-apocalyptic United States.[2] They are known to regularly raid the settlement and hydro-electric power plant inhabited by Tommy, Maria and their fellow survivors. They appear to live in the surrounding area of the plant, being found a short ride from the ranch nearby.

Unlike the urban-dwelling hunters, bandits live in rural areas and will leave their camps to launch raids on other survivors rather than lying in wait for their victims. Another difference is that bandits have presumably survived in a state of lawlessness for longer periods of time than hunters, considering bandits are located far away from quarantine zones.

When Joel and Ellie were at the dam, the bandits launched an attack. Joel and Tommy, along with the workers, ultimately killed the bandits, despite many men dying in the conflict.[1]

Events of Factions MP

In Factions MP, the Marauders appear as a splinter group of the bandits, acting as a minor third party in the Fireflies and hunters rivalry. They raid the hunters, Fireflies and smaller camps of unaffiliated survivors for supplies indiscriminately.

Over the course of twelve weeks, the Marauders scout out and occasionally attempt to raid the respective factions, which threatens the stability of the group's communities if not dealt with effectively. Depending on how well the Fireflies and hunters repel their attacks affects how many new survivors the respective clan can convince to join them, ranging from minor additions to a sizable increase in membership.[2]


Bandits are a dangerous group in the Jackson County area that cause major problems for Tommy's group, notably when they raided the dam while Joel was present, which (according to Maria) resulted in the deaths of many men.[3]

Some bandits have access to a sophisticated array of equipment such as body armor, respirators and helmets. Bandits are seen armed with El Diablo scoped handguns, hunting rifles, and shotguns. Other bandits can be seen using Shorty sawed-off shotguns, 9mm pistols, revolvers, and occasionally a melee weapon ranging from 2x4s to machetes and pipes. Some bandits will use Molotov cocktails or smoke bombs against their enemies.[1]



  • The Bandits are the only group encountered who use smoke bombs against Joel. They use it once when invading the Dam and again in the ranch house.
  • In a trailer[4] featuring an early build of the game, a bandit is shown being hit by Joel with a modified pipe in the bridge area on the way to Tommy's. In the final version of the game, there are no enemies present at that point.
  • The bandits are the only group with no spoken dialogue in cutscenes, only talking in real time gameplay.