The Baseball Bat is a melee weapon that appears in The Last of Us. It belongs to the blunt weapons group.


As its name implies, the Baseball Bat is a piece of sporting equipment used to play Baseball. However, during the outbreak, it is used frequently more as a melee weapon to knock out or kill other people or infected. It is made of wood and is smoothed to give a curved surface. There are three upgrades for the baseball bat. Each upgrade is made using a blade and a binding item. These allow the player to instantly kill an enemy up to three times, depending on the modification, like a bladed weapon.


The Baseball bat is not the first melee weapon a player would typically find; usually they would find a 2×4, Pipe or Shiv first. Nevertheless, it is a blunt weapon, with six uses before shattering. It's indistinct feature is it's fast swinging rate — faster than the 2×4 and the Pipe. It certainly excels over fist fighting and can prove an advantage when under crowd problems and Shotgun ammunition is low. An enemy will typically down in about four hits of this weapon, so it may survive the beating of one enemy. When fully modified, the baseball bat can be used nine times before breaking, with three instant kills thanks to the blade mod.

The Baseball Bat and Pipe often compete with each other — the bat having a slightly faster swing speed and the pipe having three more durability (nine), so it is unsure which to choose. Most players would choose the pipe simply to use it more than the bat. The bat is also an uncommon weapon — about as common as a machete or pipe drop would be. Therefore it is better as a 'keep' weapon — hold on to it and conserve the hits. A good tactic is to hit an enemy whilst they charge at you to disorientate them, and instantly kill them with a swing or use your gun afterward to conserve durability.

If the player has disorientated an enemy with the baseball bat, they may score an instant kill by running up and striking them in the head or take advantage of a nearby table or wall to strike the enemy against it

All moves will instantly kill most enemies except Bloaters.


While the Baseball bat does appear in pictures while waiting for a match to start, it cannot be acquired. In addition, if the player does not have a melee weapon while in the crafting menu, the melee weapon icon is a baseball bat rather than a 2x4 or Machete.

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  • The first baseball bat is located in the laundromat in Bill's Town, on top of a washing machine.
  • An upgraded baseball bat can be found in the University of Eastern Colorado in a student dorm on top of a desk.

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