The interior of an abandoned bookstore.

Bookstore is a DLC map in Factions MP, available as a part of the Abandoned Territories Map Pack. This map takes place in an abandoned bookstore, most likely in Pittsburgh. The bookstore has two stories, which would allow for "vertical" gameplay.


At a bookstore, the Hunters and Fireflies fight over the few remaining supplies that were not looted during the outbreak, using the red Loot Boxes scattered across the map. The starting spawn points are behide the book store and a checkpoint in front of the book store.


As most of the fight is going to be in the bookstore, short to medium range weapons will excel in the tight corners. Long range weapons are inadvisable. The two hallways where the loot box sits are great spots for medium range weapons. The checkpoint walls and other small spots are great for short range weapons such as the Shotgun. These weapons are good for ambushing players. Melee weapons are also good, but make sure you hide yourself to make sure you are not spotted. Upgrade your melee weapon if you plan to do this tatic.

The second floor is a quick way to traveling to the enemy's spawn point. It's also a good spot to shoot the enemy players below who are unaware of your presence. However, the walkway has little cover to hide from. There is also a chain link fence that can be penetrated by bullets and damage you. So be careful when crossing the walkway.

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