That's Buckley. Not much of a guard dog, but he's good to have around.
— Tommy, introducing Buckley.

Buckley is a dog that appears in The Last of Us. He resides at Tommy's dam and is supposed to be a guard dog, but he is not well suited for the job. He is still good for companionship, though. He appears to be a mix of Border Collie and another breed, possibly Blue Heeler.


Events of The Last of UsEdit

Buckley makes a very brief appearance in The Last of Us. He is seen at Tommy's hydroelectric dam in Jackson County in Chapter 7: Tommy's Dam. Joel has the option to pet the dog, while Tommy tells him that Buckley is not much of a guard dog, although, he is good to have around. This starkly contrasts with the dogs seen in Boston and Pittsburgh, reflecting how Tommy's community is much more peaceful as opposed to the others. He can be found outside the generator building as Tommy leads Joel to his office. He presumably runs to another part of the dam when it gets attacked by bandits, seeing how he is not present during the attack, though his fate is unknown.



  • In an interview with Troy Baker (the voice of Joel), he states that Buckley is a reference to his dog of the same name who had died 3 years prior to the release of the game.
  • Border collies are bred primarily for the purpose of herding sheep and cattle on farms to help shepherds. They have a friendly, gentle nature. Due to this, they are not ideal guard dogs.

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