The Burst Pistol is a weapon in The Last of Us multiplayer. It was released as part of the "Deadly" multiplayer drop.

General InformationEdit

The Burst Pistol deals around 22 damage out of a players 100 health and twice that amount per head shot. This means that it is a 5 body shot, 1 head shot and three body shots, or two headshots and a body shot to down, making it similar in damage profile to the Full-Auto Rifle and 9mm Pistol. However, as it fires bursts, it is more akin in function to a secondary Burst Rifle; albeit one that's less likely to down in one burst. It initially comes with a 9 round magazine. It costs 1 loadout point to equip or 3 points with a silencer attachment.

It has a very high rate of fire but poor accuracy besides close range combat. The fire rate is initially quite a bit slower than that of a burst rifle, but improves greatly with upgrades.

Zooming out by letting go of the L1 button mid-burst cancels out the rest of the burst. This can be useful when shooting Nail Bomb traps, for ammo conservation.

When upgraded, the reload speed and rate of fire is increased, the clip is larger, as well as reducing recoil:

  • Upgrade one costs 300 Parts.
  • Upgrade two costs 500 Parts


Due to the burst nature of this weapon, it is easy to burn through ammo quickly. Therefore, Scavenger, Gunslinger, and Lucky Break are all good skills to pair with this weapon. Sharpshooter may also be useful as the reduced damage wobble can help a weapon which leaves so much to be desired if it misses; additionally, the high rate of fire works well with the health regained from headshots.

Ammo can also be picked up from supply boxes and from dead enemies. You get 6 shots (2 burst) per kill, and up to 12 shots (4 burst) from supply boxes. Using the burst pistol as your only weapon makes getting ammo from killed enemies a definite.

The Burst Pistol has a far faster rate of fire the 9mm-Pistol and the Shorty. The burst pistol can fire 6 shots faster than the 9mm can fire 5, and an upgraded burst pistol has the potential to down faster than an upgraded shorty, provided one is using Sharpshooter to ensure that all shots connect.

The gun is best used as a support to a player's main firearm, finishing a damaged opponent with it's rapid burst. The player should use this in close range battles due to its deadly nature, especially when combined with a 2x4; this ensures a quick down as the initial 40-66 damage and the 60 from the 2x4 is more than enough to outmatch someone in close quarters. The sidearm can also be used to quickly execute a downed opponent due to the three bullet burst killing them outright. This does mean it doesn't pair well with the Burst rifle (as the two are essentially the same) so using a strong large fire arm that deals large amounts of damage in one shot, like the Bow or the Hunting rifle, works better.

The Burst Pistol pairs well with the Tactical Shotgun as it efficiently kills downed opponents, conserving their shotgun ammunition and provides mid to long range accuracy that the Burst Pistol lacks.


  • It resembles the Raffica Pistol from Uncharted 3. This handgun is based on a combination of both the Glock 17 Pro (pistol grip) and Heckler & Koch USP semi-automatic pistols (slide).
    • Although it uses an USP slide, it lacks an external hammer. This would realistically make the gun unable to fire, as the USP is a double action handgun, which relies on an external hammer.
  • Nadine Ross' uses a burst pistol as her sidearm in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End; the model was carried over from The Last of Us. However, the extended magazine and flash hider were dropped and it isn't usable by the player in singleplayer. It is available as a secondary firearm in the Uncharted multiplayer.