The Burst Rifle is a weapon in The Last of Us. It is similar to the Assault Rifle but fires in three round bursts (three rounds per trigger pull). It belongs to the long gun group.


This weapon can be unlocked in Factions MP as one of the high-power weapons you can start with. It costs two loadout points to equip. It is unlocked at 1375 Supplies. Upgrading initially required 400 Parts for the first upgrade, and 800 Parts for the second upgrade but now only costs 300 and 600 parts respectively.

On the first upgrade, the magazine size increases by three rounds and the player respawns with more ammo. On the second upgrade, the magazine size and ammo capacity expand by three more rounds. These upgrades also reduce recoil and increase accuracy, reloading speed, and rate of fire.

The burst rifle takes five body shots, two headshots, or one headshot and two body shots to down targets, making the burst rifle identical in terms of damage per bullet to the 9mm Pistol and the Assault Rifle. It fires three round bursts, with short delays in between each burst. Due to taking one shot to the head and two to the body to down opponents, it is theoretically one of the fastest-killing weapons in the game, downing an enemy with a single burst if the user scores one head shot and two body shots with a single burst (or two headshots). However, this is not always the case, as the weapon can sometimes require multiple bursts to down enemies if shots miss or do not hit the head. Ammo is very scarce and the amount of ammunition required to down targets makes buying ammo and/or equipping Scavenger a necessity for sustained use in most cases.


The Burst Rifle is a very dangerous weapon at close range. Two to five shots can down a foe, and the fire rate is very quick, so players with good aim and quick reflexes are likely to kill enemies rapidly. The Burst Rifle is not a good option for medium to long-range combat, as its recoil often results in several missed shots.

It is advisable to pair it with the Revolver to compensate for the lack of range, or upgrade it to level 1 or 2 as the recoil is significantly reduced, making it more competitive at medium to long ranges. A full burst to the head results in an instant execution, similar to headshots with the military sniper, but this tactic works best when the second upgrade is made.

Due to the burst fire and reduced recoil when upgraded, Sharpshooter 2 or 3 goes well with the Burst Rifle when in close quarters to medium range. When in close quarter combat, it is best to aim at the opponent's feet so the recoil "kicks" the aim towards the head to get a single burst down.


Burst Rifle Damage Output

Damage Output


  • The Burst Rifle is based on the Kalashnikov family of rifles, albeit with a more skeletal stock and a stripped-down appearance.
  • The Burst Rifle was misspelled as "Burst Rigle" in a conference with Naughty Dog.
  • It was originally planned that the burst rifle could fire five shots per burst instead of three.[citation needed]
  • The Burst Rifle lacks a rear sight.


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