This article is about Bus Depot. For the the multiplayer map of the same name, see Bus Depot (Multiplayer).

"Bus Depot" is the tenth chapter of The Last of Us.


Highway ExitEdit

In Spring 2034, we see Joel and Ellie entering Salt Lake City, Utah, where they're supposed to meet the Fireflies at St. Mary's Hospital. The two now have a much stronger bond since last Winter's events, but Joel notices how Ellie is still visually shaken by them, as she remains unusually quiet and distracted when he tries to engage her in a conversation.

They go past a highway filled with abandoned cars, another empty quarantine zone, and make their way through a bus station. There, Ellie spots something and runs off ahead of Joel. He catches up with her, discovering it to be numerous giraffes wandering around the now deserted city. As they stop for a moment to watch them, Joel hesitates. He tells her that they don't have to do this, and if she wants they can just turn around, go back to Tommy's and start a new life. However, Ellie is determined to see the end of it, saying that after all they've been through, "it can't be for nothing".

Underground TunnelEdit

They go past a large number of medical tents, where Joel comments about in the first months of the infection, he had been part of a triage identical to this, surrounded by destroyed families. Ellie then gives him the picture of him and Sarah, apologizing for stealing it from Maria back at the dam, which he takes and thanks her. They make their way through an underground tunnel, filled with infected, and after going past them, they reach a flooded area. As they try to navigate it by staying on top of a number of abandoned vehicles, a bus collapses, making them go underwater. Ellie is knocked out as they are dragged by the violent current and is about to drown, but Joel grabs her and brings to the surface. Not breathing, he tries to perform CPR on her, as a Firefly soldier appears, ordering him to stand down. He ignores him, and is subsequently knocked unconscious.


"Bus Depot" contains the following collectibles:

  • 3 Artifacts
    • The Family Photograph is found on the starting highway, on a table in the camper-van with the dead family
    • The Note to Wife is inside the Logan James Bus Station, to the left, down the flight of stairs in an open discarded suitcase
    • The Salt Lake QZ Map is in the tent in the corner of the triage area to the right of where you enter from, on a table opposite the workbench
  • 3 Firefly Pendants
    • Katerina Perich 000149 is at the bottom of the slip road/highway exit, on the floor to the left behind a beige car and 2 brown cylinders
    • Nicole Hoo 000201 is on the far corner of the triage point from where you enter it, hanging from the flood light. It requires a thrown brick/bottle or to be shot to fall down and be collected.
    • Natalie Hoo 000202 is behind the bus on the ramp towards the tunnel, in the corner between the far side of the bus, and the edge of the road
  • 1 Training Manuals
    • Bomb: Shrapnel is on top of the truck with the red lion on it, perpendicular to the road, in the area just before the group of infected containing 2 bloaters.
  • 2 Comics
    • Comic number 9 (Precipitate) is on the floor by the end stall, in the men's bathroom with the door slightly ajar, in the room at the bottom of the stairs after the giraffe encounter.
    • Comic number 13 (Catalysis) is on top of the square air vents that you are level with while retrieving the ladder from the fire truck after swimming through the bus underneath it. It is at the far end.


  • The segment where Joel and Ellie pet the giraffe that is reaching inside the building is somewhat similar to the scene in Jurassic Park where a Brachiosaurus is feeding in a tree where Dr. Grant is sleeping.
  • There are no non-infected humans encountered in this chapter or Bill's Town
  • Walking together at the start of the chapter, Ellie tells Joel that she dreamed of flying in an airplane that is falling out of the sky, which she attempts to save. But just as the plane is about to crash, she awakes. This is possible foreshadowing to the end of the game, where Ellie fights to save humanity only to be rescued by Joel before she can actually do so.
  • This is the last chapter to feature the Infected in the main story.
  • If the player manages to kill all of the infected under the bridge (including 3 bloaters, at least 5 clickers and 10 stalkers/runners) Joel will mutter the quote "Endure and survive"

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