This article is about Bus Depot. For the the single-player chapter of the same name, see Bus Depot.

Bus Depot is a map in Factions MP. Giraffes are featured on this map, overlooking the battlefield. It is based off the chapter of the same name in The Last of Us single player campaign. 


At an abandoned bus station, the Hunters and Fireflies fight over the few remaining supplies that were not looted prior to the outbreak, using the red Loot Boxes scattered across the map.


Bus Depot is a blended map, consisting of both long-range and medium to short-range combat opportunities. There is an element of verticality to the Bus Depot, particularly to the sides of the map in the buildings. Combat inside either of the buildings generally takes place in close-quarters so the shorty, shotguns, and pistols are advisable. Cover is more scarce in Bus Depot than it is in most other maps so be sure to stick with your team mates whenever possible. Most enclosed battle areas are rife with opportunities for flanking and stealth attacks, so watch your back! In the map's open areas - these are in the center of the map - there is ample opportunities for snipers to take their shots. There is walkway which connects two parts of the bus depot together which is an ideal sniper's perch; just to be sure to lay a few bombs down first as the walkway is open on both sides. On this note, all projectiles are ideal for this map, especially bomb traps. Bomb traps are best placed on the staircases in the map as these are the hardest for the enemy to diffuse. That being said an improvised melee weapon, such as the upgraded 2x4, still trumps bombs and Molotov in this map due to the numerous close-quarters fist fights you'll encounter. In Interrogation mode the lock boxes will always spawn inside one of the buildings on either side of the map. For a guaranteed win, trick the enemy team into all attacking (i.e. by making you team all stay back and defend) and then sneak down the sides of the opposite building and cut across to the enemy lock box once the unlock speed has increased significantly. 

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