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What kind of name is Callus, anyways?
Joel questioning Callus' name.[1]

Callus was a horse in The Last of Us and Left Behind. Tommy owned Callus,[2] but gave him to Joel and Ellie to travel to the University of Eastern Colorado.[1]


Events of The Last of Us

Callus was originally an unnamed horse that Joel used to pursue Ellie when she rode off on a different horse. The pair decided to keep him to assist in traveling to find the Fireflies. The horse remained loyal to the two as they traveled from the hydroelectric dam in Jackson County to the University of Eastern Colorado.[1]

While traveling, Ellie named the horse Callus, since Tommy had not revealed his name. Joel, disliking it, remarked that Callus was an unusual name for a horse. While there, Callus was agitated upon hearing a group of runners in one of the buildings, indicating that it had encountered infected when Tommy owned him.[1]

Callus remained outside the science building as Joel and Ellie searched the area, only for a man to attempt to take him. Before he could do so, Ellie returned with a badly wounded Joel, and shot the man dead. Callus then fled the university carrying the pair, only to come to a stop when Joel passed out from his wound.[3]

A while later, he guarded Joel (if unknowingly) at the Colorado Mountain Plaza while Ellie searched the area for medical supplies to heal Joel. However, the noises he made attracted hostile survivors that had pursued the trio from the university, forcing Ellie to kill them. Callus then carried Joel and Ellie to the town of Silver Lake in Colorado, where they took shelter in a house while Joel recuperated.[4]

Callus was then used by Ellie during the winter months to search the woods for food for the trio. On one occasion, Ellie noticed a deer, leaving Callus reined to a tree while she pursued it. However, she returned with nothing, having encountered the hostile cannibals David and James, and rode Callus back to where Joel was.[5]

The next day, Ellie tried to create a distraction to lure a search party of cannibals away from the house that Joel was recovering in. After being spotted, Ellie and Callus took off, dodging bullets from the survivors. When coming up to a ledge, Callus was shot, falling off the path and dying upon impact with the ground, leaving Ellie distraught at his death.

Later, while David was fighting Ellie in the abandoned restaurant, he taunted her by saying that his group would eat the horse.[6]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

While Callus is not mentioned in The Last of Us Part II, a sketch of him is seen in Ellie's house.[7]



  • The family name Callus derives from a Gaelic surname of Scottish origin, which means "son of the battle chief".
  • A glitch can occur where, if Joel climbs on Callus' back but Ellie is not already on, he will still say "'scoot'" regardless.