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Cat is a character mentioned in The Last of Us Part II who lives with her family in the Jackson community. She is Ellie's ex-girlfriend, and the one who gave Ellie her tattoo.[1]


Cat is described as an "Asian woman covered in tattoos".[2]


2034 - 2038

During this time, Cat, an artist, gave Ellie her tattoo which covered her bite mark, and the two grew closer together.[3] After completing a drawing session, Cat leaped onto Ellie and kissed her. Fearing that she may have infected her, Ellie pushed Cat away and lied to her by saying she had never kissed anyone before.

The next day, Ellie was relieved that Cat did not become infected, and realized she is not contagious. They soon became a couple when Cat kissed Ellie again in front of their group of friends. Cat was very open with others about their relationship, often talking about Ellie to her own mother and Jesse.

Ellie wrote in her journal that her relationship with Cat seemed to negatively affect her friendship with Dina, who mostly avoided hanging out with Ellie while she was dating Cat.[1]

The two eventually broke up. However, they appear to be on good terms as a picture of Cat is pinned on Ellie's wall at her house alongside those of Dina and Jesse. Sometime later, Dina admitted she never thought Cat was the right one for Ellie.[4]


  • In earlier stages of development, Cat was supposed to appear during the dance scene at the end of the game. Players would have had the option to have a “sassy” conversation with Cat before Ellie has her first kiss with Dina. The scene was cut, however, as it was not "progressing anything."[2]



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