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Catalina Island is a location in The Last of Us Part II, heard about during the "Santa Barbara" chapter.


Found off the coast of Long Beach, California, Catalina Island (also known as "Santa Catalina Island") is the Fireflies' new base of operations after they reformed sometime after their collapse in 2034.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Following the disastrous events of Seattle, Abby and Lev followed up on leads that the Fireflies were in Santa Barbara. After trading a pistol for information, they learned the Firefly outpost was at 2425 Constance.

Finding the radio in the basement, they used it to make contact with a man over the radio, who questioned Abby to make sure that she was indeed a former Firefly. He revealed to her that the Fireflies are at their base on Catalina Island, growing in number, having gathered roughly two hundred former members. He asked them for their location and said that they would find them when they reach Avalon on Catalina island. However, as the duo left the house, they were assaulted and captured by the Rattlers and brought to their base as slaves.

After Ellie freed them from the Rattlers' imprisonment and initially attempted to kill Abby, she eventually spared her and allowed her and Lev to take a boat and continue searching for Catalina Island. After finishing the game, the loading screen indicates that Abby and Lev did make it to Catalina Island.