The following is a list of characters and groups that appear in The Last of Us, The Last of Us: Left Behind and The Last of Us: American Dreams by alphabetical order.


Image Name English voice actor
Billicon Bill W. Earl Brown
BuckleyHead Buckley Unavailable
CallusHead Callus Unavailable
EarlHead Earl Unknown
DavidHead David Nolan North
Ellie Ashley Johnson
EthanHead Ethan Robin Atkin Downes
FrankHead Frank Unavailable
HenryHead Henry Brandon Scott
Noimage Houser Unavailable
JamesHead James Reuben Langdon
JimmyHead Jimmy Cooper Unknown
Joelicon Joel Troy Baker
Noimage Louis Unavailable
MalickHead Malick Unknown
MariaHead Maria Ashley Scott
Noimage Mark Unavailable
MarleneHead Marlene Merle Dandridge
Noimage Maryanne Unavailable
Riley Abel Yaani King
RobertHead Robert Robin Atkin Downes
SamHead Sam Nadji Jeter
SarahHead Sarah Hana Hayes
TerrenceHead Terrence Unknown
Tess (Icon) Tess Annie Wersching
TommyHead2 Tommy Jeffrey Pierce
WinstonHead Winston Unavailable


Image Name English voice actor
Infectedicon The Infected Mark Aston
Liam O'Brien
Lani Minella
Misty Lee
Jon Olsen
Survivoricon Survivors Various
MilitaryHead The Military Various
BmUploads 2013-06-03 3299 Fireflies TLOU MP Fireflies Various
Slum Smugglers Smugglers Various
Huntericon Hunters Various
Bandit Bandits Various
Cannibal closeup Cannibals Various

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