Top-left: an artifact, top-right: a training manual, bottom-left: a Firefly pendant, and bottom-right: a comic.

Collectibles are items in The Last of Us and Remastered that are found scattered throughout the locations of the game. Artifacts, Firefly PendantsTraining Manuals and Comics are the four categories of collectibles. 

The Statistics page in the Bonuses Menu displays the number of collectibles that the player has found, and viewing the Collectibles tab in the select-button screen will display the individual collectibles the player has in detail.


Main article: Artifacts

Artifacts take the form of many different objects; they are usually notes or scraps of paper, but personal belongings and items are also included in the category.

Artifacts essentially provide the player with more insight into the world of The Last of Us, and offer different perspectives of other people living in the post-apocalyptic world.

Firefly PendantsEdit

Main article: Firefly Pendants

Firefly pendants are round, metallic tags with the Firefly insignia etched on one side, and the name and service number of Firefly members engraved on the other.

Training ManualsEdit

Main article: Training Manuals

Training manuals are worn and tattered booklets that provide Joel with instructions on how to upgrade and improve crafted items in his arsenal of tools. 


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Comics are issues of the fictional comic book series Savage Starlight. It appears to be a fourteen-part story that features the main heroine Dr. Daniela Star in a futuristic setting. Ellie is fond of the series, and will often comment when Joel picks up one of the books. 

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