You may be looking for the canonical four-issue miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics.
C3 - Force Carrier

Force Carrier, one of the fourteen comics found in The Last of Us.

Comics are in-game collectibles in The Last of Us single-player. The comics are issues of a fictional, in-universe series called Savage Starlight, about a futuristic sci-fi adventure. In total, there are 14 issues to collect.

Plot synopsis Edit

Set in the year 2186, the plot of Savage Starlight centers around Dr. Daniela Star's adventures in space. She discovers a method of traveling faster than light via a jump drive,[1] and soon finds that a group of hostile extraterrestrial known as the Travelers are threatening mankind. 

List of comics Edit

Number Name Chapter Location
1Termination ShockChapter 5 PittsburghOn the floor of a bus outside the hunters' building in Pittsburgh.
2Messenger ParticleChapter 6 The SuburbsIn the bathroom of a white house in the suburban neighborhood 
3Force CarrierChapter 5 PittsburghReceived automatically at the beginning of the chapter.
4UncertaintyChapter 9 Lakeside ResortIn a side room of the weathered barn that the wounded deer runs through while being chased by Ellie.
5Foreign ElementChapter 7 Tommy's DamOn the way to Tommy's dam, head right of the bridge support to find an overturned car. The comic will be next to the corpse nearby.
6AccretionChapter 5 PittsburghOn the second floor of the hotel, in the bar and lounge area.
7Free RadicalsChapter 8 The UniversityTurn around and head up the road at the beginning of the chapter. The comic will be found on the hood of the faded, blue car in front of a large, white truck. 
8NegentropyChapter 9 Lakeside ResortWhile escaping from David's men, Ellie will duck into a pipe; on the other side, go up the steps to a small resting area. The comic is on one of the two benches.
9PrecipitateChapter 10 Bus DepotAfter the giraffe cutscene up on the roof, head down the stairs and go into the men's restroom. Near one of the stalls, the comic will be found on the floor.
10Deep PhaseChapter 5 PittsburghAfter meeting Sam and Henry, follow them and head down the stairs of the house. Unlock the shiv door and head to the left to find a child's bedroom. The comic will be sitting on the desk.
11AntiparticlesChapter 6 The SuburbsAfter escaping the hunters in Pittsburgh and washing ashore the beach, investigate the wrecked boat nearby to find this inside.
12Zero PointChapter 7 Tommy's DamAt the ranch house Ellie runs off to after she is discovered missing at the dam, head upstairs and enter the bedroom on the immediate left. The comic is next to a stack of books and some throw pillows in front of the window.
13CatalysisChapter 10 Bus DepotOn the ventilation shaft in the underground tunnel.
14SingularityChapter 12 JacksonIn the forest, bear right until you see a rusted truck. The comic is on the driver's seat.

Trophies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On the backside of each book, the Dark Horse Comics logo can be seen at the bottom next to the barcode.
  • Throughout the game, when Joel finds a comic, he tells Ellie and she claims she would read it later. However, she is never shown doing this. It's possible Ellie reads them between seasons.
  • The character for the comics resembles that of the InFAMOUS DC Comics written by William Harms. While the art design resembles that of the Mass Effect franchise created by Bioware.
  • The artwork for the comics were done by Mike Oeming.
  • During Ellie and Joel's journey in the game, you can see some advertisements for Savage Starlight: the Movie.
  • The name of the ship, the Kobyashi, is likely a reference to the Kobayashi Maru test from Star Trek.
  • Naughty Dog has set up a website for Savage Starlight. It is currently unknown what it is to be used for.
  • A Savage Starlight poster can be found in Cassie Drake's bedroom during the epilogue of Uncharted 4.

Bugs and Glitches Edit

  • The comic found inside the ranch house when finding Ellie may sometimes not spawn.
  • The comic found inside the bathroom at the bus depot may sometimes not spawn.
  • The comic's found in the Lakeside Resort chapter may sometimes not spawn.
  • Note that in some cases, when you die or quit the game, a previously found comic may need to be retrieved again depending on where your last auto-save occurred. Always double-check to ensure that any comics you found previously don't need to be picked up again.

References Edit

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