Multiple infected contacts. Pvts Atwater, Shah, Coolidge KIA
Waters in the "Field Ops Log"

Private Coolidge was a character who is mentioned in The Last of Us. They were a soldier of the U.S. Military in the Boston area, in a patrol along with Waters, Private Atwater, and Private Shah.


Background & Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Coolidge's background or early life except that they were a soldier in the United States Military.

In July of 2033, Coolidge was in a patrol with O.I.C. Waters, Private Atwater, and Private Shah on the outskirts of the Boston area. Atwater heard and/or saw an Infected near a collapsed office building, leading Coolidge and the others to investigate. However, they were soon attacked by multiple Infected, where Coolidge was killed.

Events of The Last of Us Edit

In The Last of Us, Private Coolidge is mentioned in the Field Ops Log artifact, found at the Goldstone Building in the chapter "The Outskirts".

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