Corporal "Dickhead" is a character that appeared in The Last of Us: American Dreams and is mentioned in The Last of Us: Left Behind. He is an authority figure at the Boston Quarantine Zone military preparatory school.


The Corporal is part of the Military in Boston and is high ranked enough to be in charge of the Boarding School. He is shown to be aggressive, strict, and thinks highly of himself.

Events of American Dreams

On Ellie's first day at the boarding school, she gets into a fight with some boys who tried to steal some of her belongings. When Riley comes to her aid and successfully beats them up, the Corporal comes over. Riley gets away but Ellie is caught. In his office, he states how he is the line between the children at the boarding school and Smugglers and the Infected. As punishment for Ellie getting into a fight, he forces her to wash one of the military's jeeps, which has a bloody finger on it, creeping Ellie out.

Prior to Left Behind

It is mentioned that he took Ellie and Riley's waterguns off of them just before Riley left to join the Fireflies, calling them a "fucking renegade group". Ellie and Riley develop the nickname "Corporal Dickhead" for him behind his back.

Events of Left Behind

When Riley returns to see Ellie one more time, she steals back their waterguns from him as one final gesture of revenge before she leaves Boston forever. It is unknown what happens to him after this and the events of the main game, when Ellie escapes the Boston Quarantine Zone.


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