Joel crafting

Joel in crafting menu

Crafting is a method Joel and Ellie use to create items from simple supplies in The Last of Us.


To craft an item from scavenged materials, Joel must have the required ingredients, open his backpack, and perform the craft. Crafting is chiefly used to make something useful out of multiple useless things, like in the case of the Molotov Cocktail. The ingredients for the Molotov Cocktail can be also used to make a health kit, to heal yourself. The ingredients can be used defensively or offensively. Supplies are grouped into several categories, so oftentimes you will not need a specific item to craft something, rather a generic group of items can be used interchangeably. 


Craft Ingredients
Molotov Cocktail

Alcohol + Rag 

Alcohol + Rag + Binding (Factions Only)

Shiv Binding + Blade
Health Kit Alcohol + Rag
Melee Upgrade

Binding + Blade + Melee Weapons(1) 

Binding + Blade + Melee Weapons(1) + Rag (Factions Only)

Nail Bomb

Blade + Explosive

Blade + Explosive + Sugar (Factions)

Smoke Bomb Sugar + Explosive



  • Originally, the crafting menu was to be in color but was changed to a mostly black and white scheme.
  • The Canister and Battery Items are no longer used in crafting as seen in the game's demo.
  • Bill invented the nail bomb and shows Joel how to craft it.