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Danny is a minor character in The Last of Us Part II. He was a Washington Liberation Front soldier.


Background and early life

Little is known about Danny's background. He was a survivor of the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak and joined the Washington Liberation Front to fight against the Seraphites in Seattle.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Danny and Owen Moore were sent to sweep the marina of Seraphites. However, after killing the group stationed there, Owen refused to kill an elderly Seraphite, saying he was done fighting in a war he did not care for. Danny, angered by this choice, threatened to shoot Owen, leading to a fight that ended with Owen shooting Danny and running away. Danny managed to walk to the WLF's outpost with a bullet in his stomach. The guards found Danny's collapsed body by the perimeter fence and rushed to help keep him alive. The WLF's leader Isaac Dixon was also there to talk with him before he passed away, revealing that Owen killed him while protecting a Scar.

Later that day, Nora Harris revealed Danny's body in the morgue to Abby Anderson and Manny Alvarez and explained everything that happened. Nora told them to keep it a secret so as not to get in trouble with Isaac. Angered, Abby wished to confront Isaac about it discreetly anyway.

They find Isaac torturing a Scar and they make their way up towards Isaac's office. Abby asks him if Owen is okay, which he answers in the affirmative. Abby asks him why they did not send a search party after Owen but Isaac cuts her off by revealing that Owen shot Danny to protect some Scars. Abby does not believe it but Isaac tells her that if it is false, it means that Danny lied to Isaac in his last breath.

To find out the truth, Abby sneaks out and confronts Owen about Danny's death at the aquarium and he explains everything, revealing he did indeed kill Danny to protect a Scar.


  • Danny is never seen alive in-game.
  • This WLF Soldier is the second character named Danny in the franchise. The first character named Danny lived in Pittsburgh along with fellow survivors Ish, Kyle, and Susan.
  • Danny seems to be the only WLF soldier that dislikes the "Salt Lake Crew." While other WLF soldiers respect and get along with Abby, Manny, Mel, and Jordan, the former Fireflies seem to have gotten on Danny's bad side that he was willing to pull a gun on Owen. This may be because that the Salt Lake Crew joined the WLF years after defeating FEDRA and weren't native to Seattle, meaning Danny may have been more xenophobic than other WLF soldiers.
  • When Danny pulls his gun on Owen, Owen grabs his gun and accidentally shoots Danny in the stomach resulting in his death. Owen attempts this technique again when Ellie corners him and Mel at the aquarium, but the results were not in Owen's favor this time as when he went after Ellie's gun she punched him and shot him in the chest, resulting in his death and unknowingly avenging Danny's death.