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David Michael Vigil is a character who is mentioned in The Last of Us. His collectible Firefly Pendant can be obtained in the chapter "The Quarantine Zone" in the east tunnel. His service number was 000102.



Not much is known about David Michael Vigil before the outbreak happened. Sometime after the outbreak, he joined the Fireflies and eventually lost his dog tag or died.


A pendant worn by the members of the Fireflies.


David's Firefly pendant can be found in the chapter "The Quarantine Zone" during the section "Beyond the Wall". After leaving the east tunnel, Joel and Tess must find a ladder to make their way through this hole into the next building. After Joel finds the ladder and places it, he says "Ladies first," in which Tess responds with "Lady? You must be thinking of somebody else." At the top of the ladder, to the right, go through the corridor into a dark room. Looking to your left, on a bedside table, should be the pendant.


  • David Vigil is a real person, and produced custom Naughty Dog memorabilia under the handle 'That Vigilante' until closing his shop in 2014 due to issues with pancreatic cancer.

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