Deep Phase is the tenth issue of the comic book series Savage Starlight.


After meeting Sam and Henry, follow them and head down the stairs of the house. Stop when you reach a floor with a shiv door - the group will continue descending the stairs without you, but unlock the door and head to the left to find a child's bedroom. The comic will be sitting on the desk.


On the back of the book, a blurb summarizes the contents of the comic.

So far, Daniela's phase-shift device has kept the Von Neumann and its crew invisible to the Travelers' sensor network. But as each zero-point jump brings them ever deeper into their vast interstellar empire, hopes for the return journey dwindle.

In three days they have traveled a quarter of the galactic radius, and in two more they will be at the Traveler homeworld. As long as nothing goes wrong. 


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