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Dina is a character who appears in The Last of Us Part II. She is voiced and motion captured by Shannon Woodward

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Background and early life Edit

At some point prior to 2033, Dina moved to Jackson under the settlement leadership of Tommy and Maria. She also began dating Jesse, another survivor who lived within the settlement.

2034 - 2038 Edit

After Ellie and Joel found safe haven within Jackson, Dina became friends with the former. She also dated Jesse.

Events of The Last of Us Part II Edit

A few days after Dina and Jesse broke up, there was a celebration in a church within the settlement. Dina danced with a boy from the group, much to the jealousy of her ex-boyfriend Jesse. She invited Ellie, who was drinking at the bar, to dance with her. While dancing, they kissed with Dina remarking that the other boys in the village should be "terrified" because Ellie has more of a chance with Dina than they do.

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  • Dina wears a hamsa charm bracelet. Such bracelets are common throughout the Middle East, and often serve a religious purpose or as a good luck charm.[1]


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