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We have a family. She doesn't get to be more important than that.
―Dina to Ellie[4]

Dina is the deuteragonist of Ellie's story in The Last of Us Part II and a playable character in the No Return mode.[5] She is Ellie's partner and assists her in her quest for revenge.[6]

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Who is Dina in The Last of Us Part II? toggle section
Dina is a key character in The Last of Us Part II. She is Ellie's partner and assists her in her quest for revenge. Dina was orphaned at a young age and was raised by her older sister, Talia. Before the events of the game, Dina moved to Jackson, Wyoming, and joined the community there. She is voiced by Shannon Woodward and her character model is based on Cascina Caradonna.
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What is the relationship between Dina and Ellie in The Last of Us Part II? toggle section
Dina and Ellie share a close and intimate relationship in The Last of Us Part II. They start as friends, but their relationship soon evolves into something more romantic. During a celebration in Jackson, Dina invites Ellie to dance with her and they share a kiss. This marks the beginning of their romantic involvement.
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Who raised Dina after she was orphaned in The Last of Us Part II? toggle section
Dina's older sister Talia raised her after the death of their mother. Despite the difficulties of their life in New Mexico and the dangers of the post-outbreak world, Talia did her best to keep Dina safe. She would also celebrate Jewish holidays with Dina, and read to her from the Torah.
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What is the significance of Dina's move to Jackson, Wyoming in The Last of Us Part II? toggle section
Dina's move to Jackson, Wyoming in The Last of Us Part II is significant as it marks a pivotal point in her life. After being orphaned at a young age, she was raised by her older sister, Talia. Moving to Jackson allowed her to join a thriving community of survivors, where she formed important relationships, notably with Ellie, who later became her girlfriend. This move also set the stage for her future life, as she and Ellie eventually settle on a farm near Jackson, seeking a more peaceful and quiet life.
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Who is Jesse in relation to Dina in The Last of Us Part II? toggle section
Dina and Jesse were longtime friends and romantic partners, though they broke up shortly before the events of The Last of Us Part II. Before their breakup, they had a sexual encounter that resulted in Dina becoming pregnant with their child, JJ.
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Background and early life[]

Dina was born sometime between 2015 and 2018.[6] She was orphaned at a young age, leading her older sister, Talia, to raise her.[7] At some point prior to 2033, Dina moved to Jackson, Wyoming, and joined the community under the leadership of Maria. During their trip to Seattle, Dina told Ellie her first kill was when she was ten, stabbing a man who tried to attack her mother. She also became acquainted with Jesse, another survivor who lived within the settlement.[6]

2034 - 2038[]

After Ellie and Joel found safety within Jackson, Dina became friends with the former. She also dated Jesse, though they eventually broke up.[8]

Events of The Last of Us Part II[]

A few days after the end of Dina and Jesse's relationship, there is a celebration in a church within the settlement. Dina dances with a man from the group, as Jesse and Ellie look on. She invites Ellie, who is drinking at the bar, to dance with her. While dancing, Dina kisses Ellie, remarking that the other boys in the village should be "terrified" because Ellie has more of a chance with Dina than they do.[4]

Clicker in Jackson

Dina protects Ellie from a clicker.

The day after, Dina and Ellie are assigned to patrol the creek trails, the route which Dina had previously covered with the late Eugene Linden. While on patrol, they talk about their respective previous relationships with Cat and Jesse, the cheesy action films Joel enjoys, and their dreams of traveling to different places.[6]

After dealing with numerous infected along their route, a strong blizzard develops and they take shelter in a library. Here, they discover that Eugene had been growing marijuana. While sharing an old joint, Dina confronts Ellie about their kiss the previous night, leading to another passionate kiss and the pair consummating their relationship. 

Dina helps Ellie

"Ellie. You go. I go."

After a while, Jesse arrives at the library looking for them; he tells them that Joel and Tommy didn't arrive at the lookout as scheduled, and they decide to go look for them, taking different directions. When Dina arrives at the hunting lodge, she finds Joel's corpse and an unconscious, beaten Ellie.

The next morning, Dina is present as Ellie is mourning over Joel's grave. She remarks that Maria locked down the stables following Tommy's departure, which could hinder their plans for leaving. Ellie tells Dina that she shouldn't feel obligated to travel to Seattle. However, Dina assures Ellie that it is her choice. She accompanies Ellie to Joel's house to pick up his watch and revolver, where they are questioned by Maria over their plans for leaving Jackson. Alongside Ellie, she promises to help bring Tommy home safely.[6] 

Dina and Ellie find Leah

Dina and Ellie find Leah dead.

Halfway through Dina and Ellie's mission to avenge Joel's death, Dina reveals she is pregnant with Jesse's child. This puts a strain on their relationship.[9] As such, Dina stays behind in the theater the pair have established as a hideout, telling Ellie to try to find Tommy in the neighborhood of Hillcrest. Before Ellie leaves, Dina gives her a bracelet to wear.[fn 2] Hours later, Ellie returns with Jesse. However, she also has a lead about reaching Abby at the Lakehill Seattle Hospital. She leaves Jesse behind with Dina while she departs to continue her crusade.[8]

When Ellie returns, she has learned that Abby is hiding at the aquarium, but she is covered in blood and shaking. Dina helps wash the blood off, and Ellie—traumatized at having tortured Nora—confesses she doesn't want to lose Dina.[8] The next day, Ellie and Jesse leave the theater to look for Tommy, and return with him several hours later. Ellie then lays by Dina's side backstage, watching her struggle with her fever, before leaving to check on Tommy and Jesse in the theater hall.[10]

Soon after, Abby finds their location, shoots Tommy, kills Jesse, and then engages Ellie in a fight. Finding Abby beating Ellie, Dina runs up to Abby, tackles her, and slashes her with her knife. However, Lev shoots Dina in the shoulder, allowing Abby to gain the upper hand and knock Dina out. Ellie pleads with Abby to spare Dina, revealing the latter is pregnant. Abby, however, says "Good" and prepares to slit Dina's throat. Lev calls out to Abby, leading her to come to her senses and spare Dina. Afterward, Dina, Ellie, and Tommy return to Jackson.[11]

Ellie feels bad

Dina reveals to Ellie she is pregnant.

Almost a year later, Ellie and Dina live on a farm with Dina's son JJ. While Ellie carries JJ around the farm, Dina washes the dishes and hangs the clothes on a washing line. Ellie puts on some music and the trio dance to it before Dina pushes her off and insists she has to put out the laundry. While doing so, Dina tells Ellie to put the sheep back in the barn so they can eat. However, in the process of rounding up the sheep, Ellie has a traumatic flashback to her being unable to save Joel at the moment of his death. Hearing her screams, Dina rushes to the barn to console Ellie and calm her down.

Sometime later, Tommy visits Dina and Ellie. Despite his lost mobility and eyesight, he is happy the pair are doing well. However, he reveals he actually came to ask the pair to pursue Abby again, having narrowed down her location. Dina insists the pair are done with that, to which Ellie hesitantly agrees. Angered, Tommy berates Ellie and storms out. Giving JJ to Ellie, Dina pursues Tommy and demands he never comes back to talk about Abby again. Tommy tells her to save it and rides off.

That night, Ellie stays up thinking about Joel. By early morning, Dina comes downstairs to find Ellie packing her bag to leave. She asks Ellie to come back to bed, but Ellie reveals she has to go kill Abby; she believes it will end her PTSD and enable her to eat and sleep again.[4] Despite Dina's pleas, Ellie leaves for California leaving her and JJ alone. Dina takes JJ and many of the belongings with her, leaving all of Ellie's in the spare room and abandons the farm.[12]

Design and appearance[]

Dina wears numerous articles of clothing during the game. She predominantly wears brown and autumn-colored clothes, such as her brown fur coat she wears while on patrol, and her brown denim jacket while hunting Abby in Seattle. She wears blue jeans. Her hair is black and typically tied back in a ponytail, and she has a light dusting of freckles on her face.[6][fn 3] She is also Jewish.[13]



Dina and Ellie are close friends for a long time, both having mutual crushes on each other, yet never admitting it. Eventually, during the dance, Dina - having recently broken up with Jesse for good - decides to kiss Ellie, who responds in kind. The next day, the pair are partnered up for their patrol and consummate their relationship at Eugene Linden's hideout.[6]

Dina insisted on joining Ellie's journey to Seattle in the latter's pursuit of vengeance against Joel's murderers, displaying high loyalty to her.[9]

At some point between Jackson and Seattle, Dina discovers that she is pregnant with JJ. When the two reach Seattle, both their secrets come to light: Ellie learns of Dina's pregnancy, while Dina learned of Ellie's immunity to Cordyceps. Her pregnancy puts a temporary dent in their relationship as Ellie is angered and hurt that Dina would willingly put herself in harm's way, in addition to believing that she would be a burden in Ellie's hunt for Abby.[9]

However, after killing Nora, Ellie expressed that she did not want to lose Dina, indicating that their relationship remained strong.[8] Their love for each other was further strengthened after their departure from Seattle when they moved into their farm with JJ. Their happiness was short-lived, however, when Tommy paid a visit to the farm, demanding Ellie honor her promise to kill Abby. Dina argued with Ellie against it, but Ellie was resolute in her desire for revenge.[4]

Staying true to her word, Dina took JJ and left the farm, leaving Ellie to return home to discover the place abandoned.[12]

Although Ellie did not wear Dina's bracelet while traveling alone,[14] she was wearing it when she returned to the farm several months later.[12]


Dina and Jesse dated on and off for a few years before eventually breaking up. Although they are not together, they seem to respect and care for each other.[6] Dina was never able to tell him that she was pregnant with JJ before Jesse died.[10]

While Jesse himself never got to meet his son, Dina ensured his family could spend time with JJ, keeping Jesse's legacy alive.[4]


After their mother died, Talia was left to raise her younger sister Dina. She used to take Dina to a synagogue to pray, a practice that Dina took up herself in private. Dina told Ellie that if she got her hands on her sister's killer she would do worse than what Tommy did to those who helped kill Joel, displaying extreme devotion to Talia.

While living on the farm, Dina kept a photo of herself with Talia.[4]


Dina: "You know what I love about you? How you let me finish my sentences."

Dina: "You wanna see something spectacular?"
Ellie: "You're going to point at your face, aren't you?"
Dina: "Nothing is that spectacular."

Dina: "You go, I go. End of story."

Dina: "Ellie… I think I'm pregnant."
Ellie: "What?"
Dina: "Don't worry, it's not yours."

Ellie: [To JJ] "Your mom is very easy to please."
Dina: "I'm with you, my bar is very low."

Dina: "Hey! What the fuck was that?"
Tommy: "Nothin'."
Dina: "God damn it, Tommy. You know what we've been through--"
Tommy: "Save it! She made me a promise!"
Dina: "I don't fucking care!"
Tommy: "I know you don't, Dina. That's your goddamn problem."

Ellie: "I'm… just a girl. Not a threat."
Dina: "Oh, Ellie… I think they should be terrified of you."

Dina: "We've got a family. She doesn't get to be more important than that."


The Last of Us Part II[]

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  1. Dina's actress, Shannon Woodward, and Isaac Dixon's, Jeffrey Wright, were both previously in the HBO series Westworld together. Halley Gross, who was the narrative lead for Part II, was also a writer for the show.
  2. Dina wears a hamsa bracelet. Such bracelets are common throughout the Middle East, and often serve as a good luck charm, or protection from the evil eye (jealousy or spite). Hanging on the wall at her and Ellie's farmhouse is another hamsa featuring the chai symbol, the Hebrew word for "alive" or "living" and a prominent Jewish symbol.
  3. In the earlier concept art, Dina's nose was supposed to be more bridged.