Docks Note is the eighth collectible artifact that can be found during the chapter "The Quarantine Zone" in The Last of Us.


The Docks Note is a handwritten note on a sheet of notebook paper written by one of the smugglers working under Robert. The smuggler expresses his dislike for Robert and describes how it's like working for him. He says that Robert orders his men around and doesn't pay them, insults his ponytail, and states that the most dangerous people in Boston are trying to kill or apprehend him. The smuggler then expresses worry for what will happen when said people discover that he's involved with Robert.


The Docks Note is found during the second chapter, "The Quarantine Zone", in the section "The Slums". After Joel and Tess make their way through a metal garage door to the docks, they spot Robert speaking with one of his men. Joel and Tess then continue to hop over a brick railing down to the ground, where many of Robert's men patrol and a large warehouse. Inside the warehouse, all the way to the right against a railing with a large, rusty ship on the other side of it, is a blue dumpster leaning against it. The note can be found behind it.


What the hell are we doing with this guy? I don't
like how he orders us around. I don't like his
stupid pony-tail. And I sure as shit don't like
that he hasn't paid us yet. Not to mention that
the people after him are some of the most
dangerous in the city. What do you think's going
to happen when they get wind of our

Related Dialogue

Joel comments on the contents of the note after reading it:

Well, leave it to Robert to piss everyone off.


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