Duct Recorder is an artifact that can be found in The Last of Us downloadable content, Left Behind.


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it is read in the game via subtitles.

Oh, it's fucking freezing in here. Uh, I'm the last surviving member of my crew, and I'm gonna die in an air duct. Regan, what did you expect me to do? I was bitten, and it was only a matter of time before she killed me, even though I wasn't infected. She said she wasn't going to, but I could see through her eyes. Why else would she reach for her gun? Why the fuck did she reach for her gun? I was just talking to her. If she wasn't lying, I wouldn't have to hit...

She would've shot me. I'm sure of it. Then why'd she keep you alive all this time, Ellis? Huh? It doesn't matter. I shot her. I ran away. I fought and escaped those fucking things, and in the process... the sutures on my god damn stump ripped open.

I'm bleeding to death, and I can't sew it back up. Not with one arm. I can't make the fucking knot. Regan. So cold. Think I'll just rest.


  • This is the last artifact to detail what happened to the crew of the crashed Blackhawk helicopter. This reveals the final fate of the crew, with Ellis being the last to die of blood loss.


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