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Eastbrook Elementary is a location featured in The Last of Us Part II. It is an elementary school used by the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) as a remote forward outpost, and where Ellie was briefly held prisoner during her first day in Seattle.[1]


Early outbreak

In 2013, the staff at Eastbrook Elementary were planning a Halloween festival on October 25.[1]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

In April, 2038, WLF soldiers Jordan and Mike took their platoon to the school to clear it for all its remaining supplies to then take back to the SoundView Stadium per Isaac Dixon's orders.[2] While there, they ambushed Ellie and Dina on their horse, Shimmer, with a mine. Mike killed Shimmer and captured Ellie but Dina escaped. Jordan deduced the pair had come from the Serevena Hotel and assumed they were the ones responsible for Nick's death.

Jordan took Ellie into the school and guarded her, waiting for Mike to return from conveying the ambush back to Isaac via radio. When Mike returned, he revealed the patrol had not found Dina but that Isaac ordered he kill Ellie. Jordan, thinking the Jackson residents could retaliate against the WLF, wanted to interrogate Ellie, but Mike disagreed. Before the two could come to an agreement, Dina arrived and shot Mike in the chest, killing him. Ellie then overpowered Jordan and stabbed him in the neck with her switchblade.

Now reunited, Ellie and Dina fought their way out from the school, killing numerous WLF soldiers.[1] The WLF then abandoned the outpost by the next day.[3]