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Ellie's house is a location in The Last of Us Part II, where she shared residence with Joel in Jackson.

The home is first seen during the opening chapter when Joel comes to visit Ellie to give her a guitar.


Events of The Last of Us Part II

After arriving in Jackson, Joel and Ellie took up residence in a house at the end of Rancher Street, not far from Jackson Cemetery. Joel lived in the main house while Ellie lived a converted garage out back. It's not clear at what point Ellie moved into the garage.

The morning after the dance at where Ellie argued with Seth, Ellie overslept for her patrol duty. Jesse arrives to check on her and he jokingly questions her about her and Dina kissing. Ellie asks him to wait while she gets ready to leave, allowing the player to explore her home.

Since Joel's death and Ellie moving to a farm, the property is now vacant.


Layout of the house.

The garage has been converted into a studio bedsit with open living and sleeping areas, kitchenette, and a separate bathroom. There is enough space for one person to live, and Ellie has decorated it to her taste. It has electricity and water storage tanks however it is not clear if hot water is available. There is also a study area where Ellie is able to express her creativity and interests. 


The front door.

The garage is located in the garden of Joel's house. There is a side gate in the garden which leads into Jackson town center, allowing Ellie to come and go as she pleases without disturbing Joel. A water barrel collects rainwater from the corner downspout, and there is a separate log pile for firewood.


Ellie's lounge.

In the living space, there is a sofa, coffee table, large rug, and a small shelf unit. On the coffee table, there are comic books and trading cards, with a couple of board games and more comics on a shelf below. On the shelf unit, there are more board games, model spaceships, artist paints and materials, and also the pun books she has collected on her journey. A sheet has been hung up across the main garage door for insulation, as well as string fairy lights.

In one corner there is a wood-burning stove which serves as a heat source and for cooking.


Ellie's bedroom.

The bedroom area has a double bed with two side tables, a large shelf unit, and an acoustic guitar on a stand. There is a small shelf above the bed with a noticeboard. On the noticeboard are photos and drawings of Ellie's friends including Jesse, Dina, Cat, and also a photo and sketch of Callus. On the shelf is a small stack of books, and a shoebox with a snow globe on top featuring a deer.

A large multi-purpose shelf unit stores most of Ellie's possessions serving as a wardrobe, entertainment center, and storage unit. A widescreen TV and PlayStation 3 sit on top of a chest of drawers, with stacks of games and DVDs. On top of the unit are more boxes of comics, a guitar case, basketball, sleeping bag, and stored clothes. The wardrobe section has a curtain rail across it, and more boxes of clothing piled up next to a laundry basket. 


The kitchen.

The kitchenette is compact in size and has basic utilities, such as a refrigerator and sink. A large water tank sits above the sink allowing for washing dishes. A wall unit stores plenty of food items including jars of preserves, dry goods, seeds and grains, pasta, and Rivolli lasagne sheets. On top of the unit, there is a crate of potatoes and more jars. On the counter, there is a single electric hotplate, more food items, and a dish drainer. Underneath there are shelves for storing pots and pans.


The bathroom.

Next to the kitchen is a purpose-built bathroom that is separate from the rest of the home. It has a basic set up with a bathtub, toilet, and sink. Two water tanks have been rigged up above the bathtub, one with a showerhead attached and the other providing water to the toilet and sink. A hose has also been attached to the pipes to fill up buckets for household cleaning. Around the sink, there are items for personal hygiene and a wall shelf next to the mirror with a pestle and mortar, a hairbrush, bundles of herbs, a jar of medicine, and a small pot.

Study Area

Ellie's desk.

In this space, Ellie is able to express her creativity and interests and write in her journal. There are many textbooks on space exploration, astronomy, and natural history as well as artist paints and materials. There is an artist's easel suggesting she has taken up painting, and some of her canvases are tucked behind a shelf unit. 

A bookcase is filled with comic books and Ellie appears to have discovered more comics series over the years. The new titles include Raven & Mouse, Changed By The Titans, and Rebels of Fire. And even after all these years she still has kept her Savage Starlight comics.

Sam's Robot sits on top of a shelf, meaning that Ellie took back the robot after the deaths of Sam and Henry in Pittsburgh. At the start of the chapter, Ellie's backpack, journal, walkman, and gun are placed on the desk, and her jacket hangs over a chair. She collects these items before she leaves, but before she joins Jesse she grabs her switchblade which had been stabbed into the top of a cabinet. Judging by the multiple stab marks on the surface it is likely that Ellie does this out of routine.


Non-cinematic shots

Official stills


  • Next to the PS3 are some of Naughty Dog's popular titles including the HD Remastered Jak and Daxter Collection, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.
  • The digital clock on Ellie's nightstand is operational, but Jesse does not appear to hurry Ellie as he waits outside while the player explores the house.
  • The garage door system is made by the manufacturer LiftPro Systems and the refrigerator is made by Carthy.
  • The guitar in the corner of the bedroom is the one given to her by Joel at the start of the game.