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Ellie and Dina's farm is a location in The Last of Us Part II, located in Wyoming near the Jackson settlement. It became the home of Ellie, Dina and JJ after they left Seattle.


Events of The Last of Us Part II

While Ellie and Dina look for gas in Seattle, Dina mentions that one day she would like to fix up a farm near Jackson and live there, in hopes of finding a more peaceful and quiet life. Ellie says she likes the idea.[1]

After Ellie and Abby Anderson's fight at the theater, Ellie and Dina returned to Jackson, where JJ was born.[2] Some time later, they began fixing up the farm and started living there. The farm featured a two-story house with a storm cellar and a barn, as well as crops and animals.

As time went on, Ellie suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and after a visit from Tommy Miller, believed that killing Abby was the only way to gain closure. She decided to leave the farm, leaving Dina heartbroken.[3]

At some point following her journey to Santa Barbara, Ellie returned to the farm, but found it abandoned. She found her belongings in an upstairs room, including Joel's guitar. After playing it for a few moments, Ellie left the guitar behind and departed the farm.[4]