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Eugene Linden is a character mentioned in The Last of Us Part II.


Pre- The Last of Us

Eugene was a member of the Fireflies and served alongside Tommy. Eugene abandoned his wife Claire and their daughter, despite the former's protests, to join the group.

Under the command of a brutal cell leader, he and Tommy committed several terrorist attacks together while in the group, particularly in the Denver QZ. One attack there led to the deaths of three soldiers and two civilians. According to Dina, Eugene also tortured a general in the military with Tommy, something that she couldn't see either of the men doing after she met them.

Based on the Creek Trails logbook, Eugene signed up for the creek trail and ski lodge patrol routes.[1] He mentored Dina during their patrols by teaching her how to repair electronics, which later allows her to repair the radio in the theater in Seattle.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

During their patrol, Ellie and Dina mention that Eugene died from a stroke at the age of 73, the two of them wistfully hoping that they remain as sharp-witted, let alone alive at that age.

When the two women escape a blizzard by taking shelter in an abandoned library, they find a plethora of electronics and equipment that belonged to Eugene, as well as his Firefly pendant


  • Eugene Linden is a real life American author of several non-fiction books on science, technology, the environment, and humanity's relationship with nature.[citation needed]