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Factions MP: Whose side are you on?

Factions MP is the name given to the online multiplayer mode in The Last of Us.


Decades after the initial CBI outbreak, and the decimation of the population, if you're not infected, then you're left fighting for scraps to survive. Unfortunately for you, there are many others like you fighting for the same limited resources, no matter the cost. However, banding together with other survivors gives you the strength in numbers and a better chance of survival. The best and only way to survive is to take the lives of those that seek to take yours. Whether you side with the Fireflies or the Hunters means little. What matters is how hard you try to keep your clan healthy and strong by securing supplies and making it back.


In Factions MP, players lead a clan of survivors through 12 weeks, either as "Fireflies" (yellow) or "Hunters" (blue). There are no multiplayer abilities unique to either faction, and at the end of 12 weeks, choosing the other faction does not reset the player's progress. Each match played counts as one day, and gives the players opportunities to gather supplies to fuel the clan's growth and progress.

Strength in numbers.

At the start of every game, the player will be told the target amount of supplies needed to keep the clan healthy. Any extra supplies over the amount needed will be used to entice other survivors to join your clan. Hungry and sick survivors can be healed by collecting more than the target amount of supplies during each day.

Leaving a match will have adverse consequences to the player's clan.

Facebook connectivity

Clans can be linked to the players Facebook account, allowing survivors to be represented by the player's friends list and profile pictures.  At the end of attacking events, the player will be asked to choose between three friends to "live". The friend that the player did not choose will die. This is purely cosmetic and does not change the gameplay or effects of events or days. While in lobbies or parties, the player will see their friends doing several activities in the game, such as reinforcing barricades or tending the gardens. These messages reflect how the player's clan is doing; so if, for example, there are more hungry survivors in the clan, the messages will change into more alarming ones such as clan survivors having a nervous breakdown or considering cannibalism.

Gameplay modes

Supply raid

Main article: Supply Raid

In Supply Raid, each team starts out with 20 respawns, and the goal of the match is to eliminate the opposing team. Red loot boxes are scattered throughout the map, usually out in the open and dangerous to approach without teammates. These contain materials needed to craft items. Health kits are also scattered throughout the map. Craftables are carried over after death, except for the 2x4 which needs to be modified first. Teamwork is essential; being a lone wolf is not recommended.


Firefly in Survivor match on "The Dam"

In Survivors, each player has one life per round without any respawns. The first team to win 4 rounds will win the match. Teamwork and survival is more important because of the lack of respawning per round. There are more red loot boxes than in Supply Raid mode, and they are usually located behind cover. Materials from red loot boxes and items crafted are not carried over each round, but armor and purchased weapons do. Note that teams play to the best of seven regardless, so if a game ends in a tie, there is a chance the teams could tie 3-3 in rounds won.

Sudden death and last man standing

Last Man Standing in Supply Raid begins when the last player of one team can no longer respawn and when the player is alone in Survivor. In order to provide some degree of fighting capability, the game provides an extra amount of parts that the player can spend on ammunition, armor, or upgrading a particular weapon. If the player manages to reach a red supply box, the game also awards extra crafting items and even a Machete, albeit only once.

The team's radar also begins to highlight briefly enemy locations about every 5 seconds. No survival skill keeps you off the radar at this point, so if both teams enter Sudden Death, everyone's positions are briefly exposed to everyone in order to prevent camping and maintain the confrontation to decide the match's victor.


Main article: Interrogation

In Interrogation, the teams must locate a Lockbox holding supplies by capturing an enemy and "interrogate" them. This is like an execution, except it takes slightly longer to kill the enemy. An interrogation can also be done with a shiv which takes much less time. The method is the same like regular shiv executions; either from behind an enemy or while an enemy is stunned. Five interogations are needed to reveal the lockbox's location and open it. Teamwork is important, as being killed can be a disadvantage to your team. If the team's lockbox is located, it will need to be defended to keep enemies from unlocking the box. Unlike the other gamemodes, there are no lives, so players can respawn infinitely, meaning "sudden death" can't occur.


The multiplayer has similar gameplay mechanics to its singleplayer counterpart. There are, however, differences.


Unlike in the single-player game, holding down and hitting the X button will not cause the player to quickly do a 180 degree turnaround.


Each character has 5 bars of health (100 HP total) that do not regenerate. There are several ways to heal:

  • using Health Kits (either crafted, gifted or found in predetermined spots on the map)
  • having Level 2 or 3 of the First Aid Training skill to heal teammates
  • having Level 1 or 2 of the Brawler skill and attacking enemies with any melee attack
  • having Level 2 or 3 of the Sharpshooter skill and landing headshots

While healing, the player is vulnerable to attacks; however, the player can still move around. When using a health kit, the time it takes to heal does not vary based on how much damage the player have taken. This means that healing four bars of health will take the same amount of time to recover as healing one bar of health. The only way to speed up healing is with the First Aid Training skill, which increases the speed of recovery by 75%.


Like in singleplayer mode, the player is able to craft unique items to use. Crafting occurs in real-time, so the player is vulnerable while performing this action. But unlike healing, the player cannot move while crafting. In addition, when the player is performing this action, the character will call out to his or her teammates that (s)he is crafting and exclaims when (s)he is done. The enemy team can hear these call-outs, so this can possibly expose the player's location.

Crafting is done in real time, just like single player.

There are 6 items that can be crafted. The material needed to craft these items can be found in red Loot Boxes scattered across the map. Like in singleplayer mode, the player can only hold up to 3 of each item. 

  • Melee Upgrade (requires blade, binding and melee weapon)
    • As of 1.07, a rag is also required
  • Shiv (requires blade and binding)
  • Health Kit (requires rag and alcohol)
    • There are health kits scattered around in predetermined spots on the map, so it is not advised to craft this item, unless the player really needs to heal themselves.
  • Molotov Cocktail (requires binding, alcohol, and rag)
  • Nail Bomb (requires explosive, sugar, and blade)
  • Smoke Bomb (requires explosive and sugar)

Crafting an item takes roughly 3 seconds to perform, but the Crafter skill speeds up the crafting time by 75%, making it almost instantaneous. Levels 2 and 3 of the Crafter skill also provides a Giftbox after crafting a certain amount of items. The giftbox can be given to a teammate, who will receive a random item. It can be found at the top of the d-pad radial when selecting items.

Listen mode

Enemy spotted in Listen Mode

Multiplayer also includes Listen Mode, but it will be limited to a few seconds. Using the Sharp Ears skill increases the duration of Listen Mode, and reduces the amount of time to recover the Listen Mode meter. With Level 3 of the Sharp Ears skill, players do not slow down while crouch walking while using Listen Mode.

Enemies using Levels 2 and 3 of the Covert Training skill will not show up during Listen Mode while they are crouch walking.

Downed state

When a player’s health drops to 0, their character becomes incapacitated and can crawl on the ground, but unable to perform any other actions. During this time, the player is on a bleeding-out timer that lasts a few seconds. A teammate can come and revive the downed player, granting 40 health points. However, if left unattended, the player will eventually die. The more times the player enters Downed State, the bleed-out time will be shorter and shorter. The enemy can also execute a downed character by dealing enough damage with weapons or melee attacks.

  • The Reviver skill reduces the amount of time to revive fallen teammates, increases Part earnings for the reviver and grants additional health upon successful revival.
  • The Fortitude skill increases the time of bleed-out and increases the crawling speed.
  • Multiple teammates reviving the same character increases the revival speed.
  • While reviving a teammate, you are unable to take any other action, so reviving teammates is not advisable unless you are certain there are no enemies around or if your teammates are keeping the enemies busy.

Special executions give extra points, and a more personal goodbye.

Players can also perform Special Executions onto downed enemies. Special Executions are animated executions that are performed by pressing the (triangle) button. Upon successful execution, they provide 75 extra parts. The Special Execution animations are unique, depending on the weapon that the player is wielding.

  • Players cannot perform a special execution directly after downing an enemy; they must wait a few seconds first.
  • If a teammate downs an enemy, you may perform a Special Execution on the enemy for points and supplies. Both players gain supply and ammunition from the one kill this way, giving extra rewards for teamwork among teams to maximize supplies gained.
  • Molotov, shivs, Flamethrowers, Military Snipers and sometimes nail bombs will instantly kill enemies rather than incapacitate them.

Missions and random events

During the "12 Weeks" in Factions MP mode, the player will encounter random events that can affect the clan size by increasing or decreasing the number of survivors by a percentage. These random events include:

  • Firefly/Hunter Attack: Scouts have picked up a large group of Fireflies/Hunters massing nearby for an attack. Improve the training of the group to help us survive the attack. 
  • Dysentery Outbreak: Dysentery is spreading rapidly in the area. The Fireflies/Hunters have a supply of antibiotics. Improve the training of the groups so we can mount an attack and steal it.
  • Malaria Outbreak: An outbreak of malaria is spreading rapidly throughout the area. The Fireflies/Hunters have a supply of antibiotics. Improve the training of the group so we can mount an attack and steal it.
  • Rescue Allies: A group of allies trying to reach our camp were captured by Fireflies/Hunters. Improve the training of the group so we can mount a rescue operation.
  • Marauder Attack: Marauders have been raiding camps in the area and are heading our way. Improve the training of the group to repel the attack.
  • Friendly Survivors: Some friendly survivors have been found. If we can protect them from the Fireflies/Hunters, they'll join our clan.

In order to maximize clan growth and minimize clan loss, players choose a mission that must be accomplished over a span of 3 matches (3 days in the clan realm). There are a variety of missions to accomplish, and because these missions differ from one another, each one has varying degrees of completion that yield different percentages in either growth or loss of survivors. Here are the list of missions:

  • Down Enemies
  • Executions
  • Special Executions
  • Reviving teammates
  • Healing Teammates
  • Down with Molotovs
  • Down with Nail Bombs
  • Give Crafting Items
  • Marking Enemies
  • Down with Melee
  • Shiv Executions
  • Downs with 9mm Pistol
  • Downs with Revolver
  • Downs with Shorty
  • Downs with Hunting Rifle
  • Downs with Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Downs with Burst Rifle
  • Downs with Bow
  • Down Enemies from Long-Range
  • Down Enemies with Headshots

Repeating the same mission will increase the number of the mission's requirements. It is recommended to save easier missions for the Firefly/Hunter Assault event so you can minimize loss of survivors. You also gain One-Time Boosters as you complete the mission levels. 

Each mission has three levels of completion. Events such as Dysentery Outbreak, Rescue Allies, Marauder Attack, and Friendly Survivors will help increase clan size; no mission completion yields 0% clan growth, and the 3 levels of completion yields (5% / 7% / 10%) growth, respectively.

The Hunter/Firefly Assault event will decrease clan size; this event yields (100% / 60% / 40% / 20%) or (60% / 40% / 20% / 10%) loss of survivors, respectively to the levels of completion, depending on how many weeks have passed by. But during this event, the player gains 10% more Parts. 

Mission calendar

This calendar only gives information for the maximum/minimum clan members that can be gained or lost during a mission.

Population Change (%)
Date Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Week 1, Day 6 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 2, Day 4 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 3, Day 2 -60% -40% -20% -10%
Week 3, Day 7 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 4, Day 5 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 5, Day 3 -60% -40% -20% -10%
Week 6, Day 1 -100% -60% -40% -20%
Week 6, Day 6 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 7, Day 4 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 8, Day 2 -100% -60% -40% -20%
Week 8, Day 7 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 9, Day 5 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 10, Day 3 -100% -60% -40% -20%
Week 11, Day 1 - +5% +7% +10%
Week 11, Day 6 -100% -60% -40% -20%
Week 12, Day 4 -100% -60% -40% -20%

Note: The mission list screen now displays an exact amount of survivors for positive missions. The math used has not changed, and missions rewards are still calculated on the percentage of survivors the player currently has on the end of the last day.

One-Time boosters

As the clan population increases and as missions are completed, the player is rewarded with one-time boosters that can be assigned before the start of the match. Only one can be used per match. The following are the One-time Boosters:

  • Cheaper Ammo - Ammo costs are reduced by 25%
  • Cheaper Armor - Armor costs are reduced by 25%
  • Cheaper Purchased Weapons - decrease the cost of purchased weapons by 25%
  • Starting Ammo Multiplier - spawn with 25% more large and small firearm ammo
  • Small Firearm Upgrade Level 1 - Revolver, 9MM, Enforcer, and Shorty all begin at upgrade level 1
  • Large Firearm Upgrade Level 1 - Hunting Rifle, Burst Rifle, Full Auto, Semi-Auto, and Bow start at upgrade level 1
  • Increased Parts Earnings - increase the number of parts you earn by 10% (does not affect parts earned from healing teammates or giving gift items)


There are 17 maps in Factions MP. All 17 of the maps are based on locales visited by Joel and Ellie in the main campaign. The seven maps listed below are included in the base retail copy of the game. 

A multiplayer map pack was released on October 15, 2013 called the Abandoned Territories map pack, as DLC, which featured the following maps:

A second multiplayer map pack was released on May 6, 2014 as part of the 'Grounded' bundle titled the Reclaimed Territories map pack. It featured four new maps:

Following the release of the Remastered version, two new maps were released on August 29, 2014 titled "Treacherous Territories":


Within the "Gear Up" menu, the player can edit and view classes that are used in battle. The player has access to 6 customizable loadouts, as well as 8 pre-made loadouts. These pre-made loadouts often contain weapons and survival skills that are not available to players with little Supplies or without the DLC, offering new players, or players in general, the chance to try them out. 

Every class has 8 loadout points to start out with, and each weapon and survival skill uses up these points (with the exception of the 9mm Pistol and Revolver, which are free to equip). As the player levels up, he or she will gain more loadout points, up to a max of 13 loadout points.

Basic weapons

Small firearms

  • Revolver - deals a solid punch with good accuracy when still (0 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 7
    • Magazine Size: 6
    • Bullets reload one at a time
    • Unlocked at start
    • 2 headshots to down (or one headshot and one body shot)
    • 3 bodyshots to down
    • 2 body shots or one headshot to execute a downed enemy
  • 9mm Pistol - a light handgun with a high rate of fire and ample ammunition (0 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 10
    • Magazine Size: 6
    • Unlocked at start
    • 5 bodyshots to down
    • 2 headshots to down(or one headshot and two body shots)
    • 3 body shots to execute a downed enemy
  • Shorty - a widespread and downs enemies in two shots up close (1 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 5
    • Magazine Size: 2
    • Unlocked at 375 supplies
    • 2 bodyshots to down (Close range)
    • 1 bodyshot or headshot to execute a downed enemy (Close range)
  • Enforcer - a versatile pistol with great range and accuracy (1 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 8
    • Magazine Size: 7
    • Purchased via PS Store
    • 4 bodyshots to down
    • 2 headshots to down(or one headshot and two body shots)
    • 2 body shots or 1 headshot to execute a downed enemy

Large firearms

  • Semi-Auto Rifle - a reliable mid-range killer (2 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 7
    • Magazine size: 10
    • Unlocked at start
    • 3 bodyshots to down
    • 2 headshots to down (or one headshot and one body shot)
    • 2 body shots or 1 headshot to execute a downed enemy
  • Full-Auto Rifle - a fully automatic all purpose rifle (2 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 12
    • Magazine size: 12
    • Unlocked at start
    • 5 bodyshots to down
    • 2 headshots to down (or one headshot and three body shots)
    • 3 body shots or 1 headshot to execute a downed enemy
  • Burst Rifle - a short range monster with three shots per burst (2 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 15
    • Magazine Size: 9
    • Unlocked at 1375 supplies
    • 5 bodyshots to down
  • Hunting Rifle - two shots to down, and pinpoint accurate at range (2 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 5
    • Magazine Size: 1
    • Unlocked at start
    • 2 bodyshots to down
    • 1 headshot to down
  • Bow - a silent killer, 2 shots to down (3 LP)
    • Starting ammunition: 7
    • 2 bodyshots to down
    • 1 headshot to down
    • Arrows can be retrieved on dead bodies
    • Unlocked at 3400 supplies

A silencer can be attached to weapons for an extra 2 LP. When firing silenced weapons, the player will not show up on the radar of the enemy.

  • The Revolver and Bow cannot be attached with a silencer, although the Bow is naturally silenced.

In-Game currencies


Parts act as match points as well as in-game currency to purchase ammo, upgrades, armor and weapons. Parts can be earned by performing various actions in games. The use of parts during a match to purchase items and upgrades does not affect the amount of parts you will earn at the end of the match.

  • Downed Opponent = 100
  • Execution = 50
  • Special Execution = 75
  • Assist = 50
  • Marked Opponent = 15
  • Revive = 100
  • Craft item = 30
  • Molotov Kill = 25
  • Bomb Kill = 25
  • Shiv Kill = 75
  • Marked target killed = 25
  • Gift handed to a teammate = 100
  • Heal a teammate = 20/2s (First-Aid Training 2); 40/2s (First-Aid Training 3)

Additional parts can be earned by using Survival Skills to increase parts earned such as Collector and Reviver. Parts do not carry over games, but do carry over between lives/rounds, so saving up for armor is oftentimes better than buying unnecessary ammunition.


Supplies are the main currency needed to sustain the clan in multiplayer and changes based on the number of survivors within the player's clan. Supplies can be gained in-game by collecting parts (50 parts = 1 supply), or by collecting blue bottled containers from the bodies of executed opponents. As the player collects parts in-game, the supply counter updates and converts the parts into the appropriate supply amounts. Supplies that are left on the ground after executions remain permanently during Supply Raid and will appear on the radar until picked them up, but do respawn after every round of Survivors. If the players joins mid-match he or she will receive a late game bonus parts that compensates for the difference. Depending on how early or late a player joins a game, the game will calculate an appropriate amount.

Late joining a match will reward a certain number of supplies after the match is complete. When you first join, you will be rewarded 100 parts for each reinforcement you are down to the opposing team. The player can quit this match without any consequences. However, if the player is on a mission, and successfully completes parts of the mission, such as healing teammates and gift-giving items, this will count towards the completion of the said mission.

Survival skills

In addition to weapons, survival skills can be equipped to classes to help players give an edge against their opponents. Skills range from increasing crafting and healing speeds to becoming invisible to listen mode while crouched.

For more details, see Survival Skills.

In-Game store

When the player earns a certain number of parts in a match, the player can use it to purchase more ammunition for weapons, a purchasable weapon (if that option has been assigned in the player's Loadout) or armor . These purchased items are conserved after every respawn, even in Survivor (a round-based game mode). Use of some One-Time Boosters will reduce their prices by 25%.

A Firefly with armor


  • Provides a vest and helmet, adding durability, but breaks after sustained use.
    • The vest absorbs 50 HP before breaking.
    • The helmet absorbs 100 HP before breaking.
    • Does not reduce melee damage.
    • Does not reduce damage if the enemy attacks your legs.
  • Cost - [450 parts → 500 → 575]
    • Price of armor increases with each additional purchase.
  • Always available to purchase with any loadout.

Small firearms

9mm Pistol

  • Ammo - 5 rounds [150 parts]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, and accuracy and decrease recoil [250]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, and accuracy and decrease recoil [500]


  • Ammo - 4 rounds [180]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, and accuracy and decrease recoil [300]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, and accuracy and decrease recoil [500]


  • Ammo - 1 round [75]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, starting ammo, and accuracy and decrease recoil [250]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, starting ammo, and accuracy and decrease recoil [500]


  • Ammo - 5 rounds [160]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, recoil, accuracy. [300]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, recoil, accuracy. [500]

Large firearms

Hunting Rifle

  • Ammo - 3 rounds [240 parts]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, starting ammo, accuracy, and decrease recoil [300]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, starting ammo, accuracy, and decrease recoil, also allows for a second level of zoom (press X whilst aiming) [600]

Semi-Auto Rifle

  • Ammo - 4 rounds [220]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, accuracy, and decrease recoil [400]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, accuracy and decrease recoil [800]

Full-Auto Rifle

  • Ammo - 5 rounds [200]
  • Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, accuracy, and decrease recoil [300]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, accuracy and decrease recoil [600]

Burst Rifle

  • Ammo - 3 rounds [120]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, accuracy, and decrease recoil [300]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, accuracy and decrease recoil [600]


  • Ammo - 3 arrows [195]
  • Upgrade Level 1 - Upgrade draw speed, reload speed, starting ammo, and accuracy [400]
  • Upgrade Level 2 - Upgrade draw speed, reload speed, starting ammo, and accuracy [800]

Purchasable weapons

These weapons can be equipped in the loadout menu and will use up loadout points. Once purchased, it remains in the inventory for the rest of the match, with the exemption of the Machete if its durability has been spent. Purchasable firearms cannot be upgraded or silenced, and the price of ammo is increased with additional purchases.

  • El Diablo - Handgun that comes with a scope. Press X while aiming to zoom in (3 LP) [270 parts] {150 supplies to unlock}
    • Starting Ammunition: 3
    • Magazine Size: 6
    • Ammo - 3 [315 on first purchase]
    • 2 bodyshots to down
    • 1 headshot to down
  • Assault Rifle - Military grade rifle with a high rate of fire (3 LP) [350] {900}
    • Starting Ammunition: 10
    • Magazine Size: 20
    • Ammo - 10 [420]
    • 5 bodyshots to down
  • Shotgun - A close range bruiser (4 LP) [400]
    • Starting Ammunition: 2
    • Magazine Size: 6
    • Ammo - 2 [400]
    • 5 shots at ~30 ft to down
    • 2 shots at ~15–20 ft to down
    • 1 shot at <10 ft to down
  • Military Sniper - A semi-automatic rifle. Press X while aiming to enter the second level of zoom (3 LP) [440] {6900}
    • Starting Ammunition: 4
    • Magazine Size: 5
    • Ammo - 4 [520]
    • 2 bodyshots to down
    • 1 headshot to instantly execute
  • Flamethrower - Burn down your enemies at close range (2 LP) [240] {4750}
    • Starting Ammunition: 30
    • Magazine Size: 100
    • Ammo - 30 [360]
  • Machete - A fast and dangerous melee weapon; takes three strikes to down a foe (2 LP) [400] {2625}
    • Durability: 3 hits
    • Brawler skill adds an additional hit, and melee upgrade adds one hit
    • Melee upgrading the machete before it loses all durability keeps it in your inventory and therefore does not require you to purchase it again.
  • Double Barrel - A bargain priced shotgun that downs enemies with two shots at close range (1 LP) [240] {DLC}
    • Starting Ammunition: 4
    • Magazine Size: 2
    • Ammo - 4 [280]
  • Specter - A silenced fully automatic weapon that kills from the shadows (3 LP) [350] {DLC}
    • Starting Ammunition: 15
    • Magazine Size: 20
    • Ammo - 14 [420]
  • Launcher - Area of effect weapon that downs an enemy in 2 shots (3 LP) [375] {DLC}
    • Starting Ammunition: 3
    • Magazine Size: 1
    • Ammo - 3 [450]

Table of progression

Loadout Points

Supplies Acquired

9 75
10 525
11 1650
12 3825
13 7500

Ranking and leveling up

  • When one begins playing factions their symbol icon will look similar to //. This symbol will change every successful survival of the player's clan for twelve in-game weeks.

The current ten ranks that can be achieved in factions. Going from left to right, top row to the bottom row.

  • The number next to each player's PSN ID and their rank symbol is how many weeks they have survived in total regardless of whether their clans have survived or not. Days carry over from campaign to campaign, so if you complete 5 weeks and 3 days and then lose all of your clan and then you complete 5 weeks and 3 days and lose all of your clan, you will be considered number 9. The maximum is 999.

"Survival Pack" pre-order bonus

The Last of Us Survival Pack.jpg

  • Bonus Experience Points
  • Multiplayer Melee Attack Booster
  • In Game Currency for Multiplayer Characters
  • Special Customizable Items for Multiplayer
  • Bonus Skins for Joel & Ellie (available once singleplayer is completed)


  • It has a currency system based on resources. These are used to purchase upgrades and ammunition, as well as armor.
  • Characters are customizable with helmets, masks, hats and gestures.
  • It has a unique perk system called Survival Skills.
  • Three multiplayer packs have been released.
  • Default classes exist as well as the ability to create one.
  • Many in-game events are random.
  • The player is rewarded clan members for doing well in missions.
  • Players must craft in real-time, as in single player.
  • Since the 1.09 update, melee weapons are rarer to receive from the supply boxes in Interrogation.