Find Someone Else is the thirty-sixth of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately four minutes and forty-seven seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The scene opens to Joel dragging Ellie to the surface from the water. He notices she isn't breathing. He presses his ear to her mouth.]

Joel: C'mon [he begins to give her CPR.] C'mon... C'mon. [he stops to check her airway then starts applying CPR again.] C'mon... C'mon... C'mon.

[Two Firefly soldiers approach, their rifles trained on Joel. The front one, Ethan, walks steadily towards Joel and Ellie.]

Ethan: Hands in the air.

Joel: [still applying CPR.] She's not breathing.

Ethan: Hands in the fucking air!

Joel: [Growing desperate.] Come on Ellie.

[Ethan then strikes Joel in the head with the butt of his rifle. The screen cuts to Joel waking up on a hospital bed, his bag and Ellie nowhere in sight. He looks up, seeing Marlene sat next to him on a chair. Ethan stands at the bottom of the bed, watching them.]

Marlene: Welcome to the Fireflies. Sorry about the... [points to her head. Joel looks at Ethan.] They didn't know who you were.

Joel: And Ellie?

Marlene: She's alright. They brought her back. You came all this way. How'd you do it?

Joel: It was her. She fought like hell to get here. Maybe it was meant to be.

[Joel sits up on the bed as Marlene stands from her chair, walking towards the wall.]

Marlene: I lost most of my crew trying to get here, I pretty much lost everything. [facing Joel.] And then you show up and somehow we find you just in time to save her. Maybe it was meant to be.

Joel: [getting up from the bed] Take me to her.

Marlene: You don't have to worry about her anymore.

Joel: I worry. Please, just let me see her.

Marlene: You can't. She's being prepped for surgery.

Joel: The hell you mean surgery.

Marlene: The doctors tell me the growth inside has somehow mutated. It's why she's immune. Once they remove it, they'll be able to reverse engineer a vaccine. A vaccine.

Joel: But it grows all over the brain.

Marlene: It does.

Joel: Find someone else.

Marlene: There is no one else

Joel: [Advancing towards Marlene.] Listen, you are gonna show me where-

[Ethan comes forward, striking Joel in the leg, pushing him to the floor. He draws his pistol.]

Marlene: [to Ethan] Stop. [Ethan steps back, moving his gun away from Joel. Marlene stands next to him, looking down at Joel, who gradually picks himself up to a kneeling position.] I get it. But whatever it is you think you're going through right now is nothing to what I have been through. I knew her since she was born. I promised her mother that I'd look after her-

Joel: Then why are you letting this happen?

Marlene: Because this isn't about me. Or even her. There is no other choice here.

[Joel snarls at Marlene. He then sits up.]

Joel: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that bullshit.

Marlene: [to Ethan] March him outta here. He tries anything, shoot him. [to Joel] Don't waste this gift, Joel.

[Marlene leaves the room. Joel remains sat on the ground as Ethan stands in front of him.]

Ethan: Get up. [Ethan aims his pistol at Joel.] I said get up. [Joel slowly gets to his feet.] Go on. Move.

[Joel walks to the door, Ethan still pointing his gun at him, ensuring Joel's back is facing him. Joel begins to stop walking.]

Ethan: I said... [Ethan pushes Joel forward.] move. [Joel turns his head.] Gimme an excuse.

Joel: Which way?

[Ethan gestures his gun to the left. Joel then marches that way, Ethan following him a few feet behind. Midway down the hall, Joel notices his bag on a counter. He stops just in front of it.]

Ethan: What the fuck are you doin'? Keep walking. [Ethan shoves his pistol into Joel's back.] I said keep walking.

[Joel elbows the gun upwards as Ethan fires a shot. The bullet misses. Joel grabs Ethan and shoves him against the wall. He takes the gun and hits him in the face with it. He then forces the gun into Ethan's abdomen as he holds him against the wall.]

Joel: Where is the operating room? [Ethan remains silent.] I ain't got time for this. [Joel shoots Ethan in the abdomen. Demanding.] Where? [Joel fires again. Roaring.] Where?

Ethan: Top floor. The far end.

[Joel lets him go. Ethan slumps to his knees. Joel shoots him in the head. Ethan collapses to the floor. Joel holsters the gun and proceeds to pick up his bag.]

Firefly: Gunshots! Search the floor!

Joel: Oh shit.

[End cinematic.]

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