Firefly's Recorder is an artifact obtained in the chapter The University. Joel automatically picks it up during a cutscene in the chapter.

Content Edit

This artifact is obtained in a short cutscene in which Joel picks up the recorder and fast-forwards several times to learn the Fireflies' current whereabouts.

Transcript Edit

Recorder: If you're looking for the Fireflies, they've all left. 
Ellie: Yeah, no shit.
Recorder: I'm dead. Or I will be soon. Got me some time to reflect...
Joel starts fast-forwarding at this point.
...been years that felt like we were...
...fucking thing was a giant waste of ti-
...not gonna do this anymore...
Joel: Come on...

Full Version Edit

The full version of the Firefly recording is available as the Firefly's Recorder, which is stored in Joel's backpack. The recording is as follows:

Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it is heard in the game.

"If you're looking for the Fireflies, they've all left. I'm dead. Or I will be soon. Got time to reflect. I dedicated my life to this cause and now I won't get to see whether we make it or not. I joined the Fireflies shortly after the Outbreak. Here was a group willing to do whatever it takes to save us from this plague when the government was willing to retreat to ghettos.
"I couldn't just give up on our country. Give up on humanity. God that sounds trite. Anyway... There have been years that felt like we were onto something... like we might eradicate this thing. Those were usually followed by years of utter despair. Like this entire fucking thing was a goddamn waste of time. It feels like the past few years were more of the latter. We haven't had a breakthrough since the passive vaccine test we ran ... what? ...Five years ago?
"Now this entire lab has been compromised and the higher ups have decided to abandon the University. I'm just fucking tired ... I can't do this anymore. I'm not gonna do this anymore. If you made it here looking for the others, they've all returned to Saint Mary's Hospital in Salt Lake City. You'll find them there. Still trying to save the world. Good luck with that."

Audio Edit

The Last of Us Artifacts Firefly's Recorder

The Last of Us Artifacts Firefly's Recorder