TLOU firefly pendant

Firefly Pendant

Firefly Pendants are collectibles that can be found scattered throughout the single-player campaign in The Last of Us. They belong to members of a militia group called the Fireflies. There are a total of 30 Firefly Pendants.


Each pendant has a name printed on it, signifying that the person wearing it is (or was) a member. As such, they appear to serve the same purpose as dog tags.

Firefly Pendants are most commonly found on the ground or in some cases hanging from objects. If one is hanging out of Joel's reach, he must shoot it down or throw an object at it to collect it.


Bugs and GlitchesEdit

Note that in some cases, when you die or quit the game, a previously found pendant may need to be retrieved again depending on where your last auto-save occurred. Always double-check to ensure that any pendants you found previously don't need to be picked up again.


  • The task of finding the Firefly Pendants, and other collectibles, is a nod to finding treasures in the Uncharted series, another franchise by Naughty Dog.
  • In the demo from God of War: Ascension, a firefly pendant can be found hanging from a tree.
  • One can be looted from the bloater in the dormitories in the UEC, indicating that the host probably was a Firefly before becoming infected.
  • Three contests were announced by Naughty Dog, asking fans to contribute fan art, videos, and cosplay of the game, with eight winners per contest having their names inscribed on the Firefly Pendants that are found in the game.
  • A similar replica key chain of the pendants can be purchased exclusively along with the limited edition strategy guide of the game from BradyGames.



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