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This article is about the video game version of this character. For the other pages that may have a similar name, see Frank (TV series).

I guess you were right. Trying to leave this town will kill me. Still better than spending another day with you.
— Frank's note to Bill[1]

Frank was a character who appeared in The Last of Us. He was Bill's partner. After becoming infected, Frank committed suicide.[2]


Events of The Last of Us

Bill described Frank as his former partner, "someone that he cared about". Despite this, Frank grew tired of Bill's methods of surviving. Because of this, he left Bill, stealing many supplies and a car battery on the way to the truck at his hideout. On the way back, Frank was bitten several times by a horde of infected.[2] 

He hanged himself in his house so as to not succumb to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Frank left a note for Bill telling him how he "hated his guts", growing tired of Bill's ways and how he managed the town.[1]

After looting the area, Joel gave the note to Bill. (player-determined) Bill read it, disheartened at Frank's words sadly but kept up his bravado to get Joel and Ellie out of "his" town. Joel apologized for this after they got the car started and wished him farewell, since Bill was now truly alone.[3]

Frank was mentioned in a smuggler's note, which Joel found near a corpse in the flooded subway encountered just after losing Tess at the Capitol building. Frank had made an arrangement to meet a smuggler who would sneak him into the Boston quarantine zone illegally, and had procured false documents in order to do so.[4] As Frank died, he was unable to meet his contact to be taken to the quarantine zone.[5]