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The Frontier Rifle is a weapon in The Last of Us. It is a lever-action rifle added into the Factions MP with the Tactical Weapons Pack. Like all DLC weapons, the frontier rifle does not appear in the campaign, and is a Factions only weapon.

General InformationEdit

The Frontier Rifle deals 66 damage per shot to the body and 92 damage to the head, making it a two hit down to the body or the head. Its lever action nature makes it similar to a more versatile (but slightly weaker) Hunting Rifle. It costs 2 points to equip or 4 points for a silencer. It does not come equipped with a scope.

Although the headshots deal extreme damage, it is not enough to down a player with full health. However, the damage is so high that even a partially damaged player can be downed with just one headshot.

In its default form the recoil is very noticeable, but once upgraded it will be less of an issue. Also, the weapon's accuracy is good when the player is standing still, being able to perform reliable fire at medium and even long range combat (although its precision still doesn't match that of the Hunting Rifle). At close range, however, the frontier rifle can have problems due to its slow fire rate (This can be fixed however with the Level 2 Upgrade, which greatly increases Fire Rate), but the frontier rifle can be used very effectively by using the "dragshot" technique and thus, in the right hands, can be more than a threat to most enemies.

The perks of Hawk Eyed 2 or 3 works very well with this weapon, more so with any level of Damage Marker. The high damage dealt on the first shot to an enemy allows you to time and ready your aim for the next shot which will down the enemy, unless the player has healed.

The first upgrade speeds reloads by 15% and an additional bullet in the magazine. The second gives an additional +30% speed, for a total of 45%, and an additional bullet in the magazine, up to 6.

This weapon can synergize well with the Machete, as the damage from one Frontier Rifle shot plus a Machete blow is enough to down an enemy. It also pairs well with the Revolver, as one shot from both downs unarmored enemies. The Frontier Rifle also pairs well with the Shorty, as the Shorty does a lot of damage up close and the Frontier Rifle is effective at mid-range combat. As a result of the low upgrade cost, the Frontier Rifle benefits most from a Support class as parts are accumulated very quickly.

Trivia Edit

  • The Frontier Rifle appears to be based on the Marlin Model 1895 lever-action rifle, chambered in .45-70 and adapted with a peep hole sight.
  • The Frontier Rifle has a chance to instantly kill enemies instead of downing them.
    • One possible cause of this could be the 'late join damage' glitch, which can execute enemies when shooting them in the head with certain weapons.