Full-Auto Rifle is a free Factions MP gun and is a part of the Grounded DLC. It is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that is very easy to use, costing 2 loadout points to equip.

General Information

The Full-Auto Rifle deals 20 damage per body shot, making it identical in terms of damage per bullet to the 9mm Pistol and the Assault Rifle, although with poorer headshot modifiers; the assault rifle and 9mm pistol each deal 60 damage per head shot, but the full-auto rifle only deals 40.

The Full-Auto Rifle is statistically similar to the Assault Rifle and 9mm, putting it somewhere in the middle of the two guns combining the 9mm's cost of ammunition and upgrades with the Assault Rifles rate of fire. Compared to the Assault rifle, the Full-Auto is rather inferior, having a lower rate of fire, inferior headshot multipliers, and worse accuracy, but is much cheaper to use. It is also the only fully automatic weapon that isn't a purchasable.

Due to its low damage per bullet and low rate of fire, time to down targets is longer than some other weapons, but its suppressing effects and ability to make targets flinch make it a good support weapon. Despite this, the full-auto rifle is a competitive weapon in a head-on fight, as opponents have to deal with constant flinching that will foul their aim.

The Full-Auto is perhaps the best weapon to use against enemies with 2x4s due to its high rate of fire consistently cancelling the swinging animation, making it one of the best weapons in close range combat. Ammo is available in packages of five bullets per purchase, and enemies drop fairly generous supplies (four bullets per enemy). Recoil is mild but enough to dissuade fully automatic fire at long ranges. A player can also spend an extra 2 loadout points to equip a scope which increases the accuracy of the weapon, making it more suitable for medium and long distances.


When upgraded, the reload speed, rate of fire, clip size, starting ammo, recoil and accuracy are increased.

  • Upgrade one costs 300 Parts. (Scoped Full-Auto Rifle Upgrade one costs 400 parts)
  • Upgrade two costs 600 Parts. (Scoped Full-Auto Rifle Upgrade two costs 800 parts)

After the second upgrade, the starting ammo is 18, the accuracy is quite high and the low recoil making it more effective at medium range. Finally, the rate of fire is much higher than the default Full-Auto Rifle.


Paying attention to the defects of this weapon (rapid ammo consumption, limited usefulness when attacking enemies behind cover, and poor accuracy at medium and long range) and their best qualities (ideal for stunning enemies who want to attack and making the enemy's recticle wobble), this weapon is intended for use with offensive, aggressive tactics.

The Scavenger skill is a useful pairing with this gun, due to the low damage per bullet and the high ammo consumption. Alternatively, one can equip Sharpshooter instead to ensure shots don't miss at all.

This weapon is best for close range combat, arguably on par with the Burst Rifle, to ensure all shots make contact and to enable the player to overwhelm their opponents with a rapid rate of fire. It is therefore best paired with the revolver or El Diablo to compensate for the lack of range. It is not advised to equip this weapon when also using the Assault Rifle as the pair do essentially the same thing, which can hurt a player's versatility in battle.


Full-Auto Rifle's Damage Output

Damage Output Data.


Firing Rate

Firing Rate

Reload Speed

Reload Speed






Accuracy (scoped)



  • This weapon uses an AK-47 milled receiver without the buttstock and several parts of an AKM, plus a carry handle from an M16A1.
  • The Full-Auto Rifle has a similar design to the KAL-7 that appeared in Uncharted 3: Drake's Depection. Its low accuracy and huge damage against enemies at close range is another similarity with this weapon.
  • In contrast to the other weapons introduced after the game's release, this weapon is free for all players.
  • The Full Auto Rifle is one of 3 Kalashnikov-based rifles in Factions MP. The others are the Variable Rifle and the Burst Rifle.
  • There is no front sight on the Full Auto Rifle.


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