Fun and Games is a chapter in the Left Behind DLC of The Last of Us. It further explores Ellie and Riley's friendship, revealing why Riley left her and how important Ellie is to her.

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Ellie and Riley open the metal doors and are met with a carousel that is not only lit up, but operational. Riley urges Ellie get on for a ride. Ellie does so, quickly insisting that Riley join her. By the time Riley does join in, the carousel grinds to a halt, much to Riley's dismay. Ellie attempts to cheer her up by saying that she at least had a go, and Riley agrees.

Riley then takes out a joke book, much to Ellie's delight. Riley then passes it to her and the pair exchange several jokes between each other. Once done, they proceed to a photo booth and proceed to take silly pictures of themselves. When attempting to print, it offers to put them on Facebook, something they assume means to put their faces in a book. Sadly there is no internet connection so they push on to print them. The pair are excited, in disbelief that the machine is actually working.

However, there is no ink left in the machine, something the pair take as it being broken. In an effort to "fix" it, they proceed to repeatedly hit the screen, causing it to short circuit and shut down. The pair laugh at their misfortune and proceed to a set of working escalators. While strolling, they mock the intercom woman's voice, which had just announced the 6am shift was starting in ten minutes.

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The pair find an arcade, Ellie quickly finding a racing game and proceeding to pretend she is in a heated fast-paced race with other competitors and wins.

Riley soon calls her over to another game. She explains this arcade game features the character "Angel Knives". Although Ellie says it isn't working, Riley convinces her to imagine it, teaching her the controls and narrating a battle Ellie can imagine she is taking part in. After defeating her opponent, Riley comments on how well Ellie did.

Riley quickly tries to go further in to the mall, only for Ellie to say she has to go back. Riley doesn't want her to as she has to leave tomorrow with the Fireflies; she shouldn't even be near Ellie. Ellie tries to convince her to go and live her dream, but Riley quickly leaves to find the source of the music. A frustrated Ellie follows her. Ellie catches up and the two argue furiously, Ellie venting her anger to Riley about being left by her and telling her to leave and go with the Fireflies. Riley confesses she's doing this to make it up to Ellie, tossing her bag on the floor. It reveals a pair of water guns, something Ellie had desperately wanted earlier. Ellie picks them up handing one to Riley. Ellie declares they will talk after she "destroys" her friend.

The pair engage in a water fight, ending with either Riley or Ellie being drenched. (player-determined) Riley then decides they will settle who is the best by playing a game of cat and mouse; the first to squirt the other wins. After either Riley or Ellie wins (player determined), they stop as Ellie stresses she must go back.

Ellie convinces Riley that she will be fine without her friend, saying she shouldn't stop her. Riley replies that Ellie is the only one who can. Riley changes the subject, asking for Ellie's Walkman, and proceeds to play some music. She convinces Ellie to dance with her on the table. Despite initially enjoying herself, Ellie realities she doesn't want to lose Riley, begging her not to go. Riley stares at her, smiling, then tears her Firefly pendant from her neck. Overjoyed, Ellie kisses Riley, quickly apologizing. Riley didn't mind, equally as ecstatic as Ellie.

The pair wonder what to do now only for Runners to race at them, drawn by the music. Ellie panics while Riley takes out her gun, shooting an enraged Runner. The screen cuts to black, the gunshot being the last thing heard.

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  • Ellie was speculated to be a lesbian after her kiss with Riley, something that Neil Druckmann later confirmed in a Reddit Q&A.[1]
  • While partaking in the water gun fight, the player can find Ellie's summer shirt, which she wears in The Last of Us, hung up on a rack in the area.
    • It is implied the duo later returned to that location, since Ellie later carries her backpack, the walkman, and Riley's pendant during The Last of Us.

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