Generator Note is an artifact that can be found in The Last of Us's downloadable content, Left Behind.


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it is read in the game via subtitles.

Private Ellis has taken a turn for the worse. He's burning up and he couldn't keep any of his food down. Maybe I made a mistake... maybe the amputation was too late. Maybe when I'm not watching, he'll turn and...

The Infection Protocol. We did what we had to do to Officer Caulfield. We...

Who the hell am I kidding. We murdered Larry. Ellis held him down while I shot him like a fucking dog. I can't get his screams out of my head.

"Regan, Please!" "I still have time." "Don't do this!"

Ellis, what have we done?

What if I just leave? What if I just make a run for it?

I'm sorry, Ellis.



  • This is one of a series of artifacts detailing what happened to the military unit that crashed their Blackhawk on the mall. This one is about how the captain considered leaving her soldier Ellis but stayed, something that later led to her demise.

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